Top Ways to Build Strength and Accelerate Your Muscle Gains

Whether your muscle building routine of choice is free weights or resistance training, at some point you may have found yourself at a standstill because you’ve maxed out in muscle size, definition, and strength.

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Top Ways to Build Strength and Accelerate Your Muscle Gains

Whether your muscle building routine of choice is free weights or resistance training, at some point you may have found yourself at a standstill because you’ve maxed out in muscle size, definition, and strength. Some call it “hitting the wall.” Others refer to it as “the plateau.” But either way, you look in the mirror and realize that you have put on as much muscle as you can.

Fortunately, cutting-edge research has discovered a variety of new approaches to promoting muscle size, strength, energy & endurance, and more. One groundbreaking study is blazing a new path on your weight-lifting journey and might be what you need to break through the proverbial wall and take your workout to the next level.

Let’s take a look at this notable study, along with other clinically backed ingredients, and top exercises to build strength, tone and grow your muscles, and maybe even give you an excuse to buy some new clothes.

Clinically Backed Research In Muscle Growth


A 2019 clinical study on a unique herbal ingredient known as RipFACTOR™ has spearheaded a strength-building movement backed by science. The clinical trial set out to determine the validity of a blend of East Indian Globe Thistle (Sphaeranthus indicus) and Mango Tree Bark (Mangifera indica) extracts for improving muscle health. The study included 40 male subjects aged 18-40 and tested their muscle strength, muscle endurance, muscle size, time to exhaustion, body composition, and free testosterone.

The study participants who used RipFACTOR™ experienced significant improvement beginning at 14 days until the conclusion of the study. After 54 days, the men saw significant improvement in muscle endurance and strength, as well as measurable increases in muscle size.

As mentioned, this breakthrough study has given way to RipFACTOR — a powerful new formula designed to accelerate muscle strength, size, and endurance. These two standout ingredients, Indian Globe Thistle and Mango Tree Bark, have been used in ancient medical practices for thousands of years. The flower heads of Indian Globe Thistle have been used for rejuvenation, physical performance, muscle growth, and longevity — while the bark of the mango tree contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Perhaps the most recognizable workout supplement on the market, Creatine is no stranger to the athletic community. This powerful ingredient has undergone multiple clinical studies that have examined its strength building properties.

One interesting piece of research published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition labeled Creatine “the most effective ergogenic nutritional supplement currently available to athletes in terms of increasing high-intensity exercise capacity and lean body mass during training.” While this vote of confidence is certainly impressive, the results of this particular study helped paint the full picture of what Creatine is capable of.

This particular study stands out because it examined multiple false assumptions that make people weary of Creatine supplementation, even after being refuted by scientific investigation. So, before we dive into the results of the study, let’s take a look at six myths that have been debunked by several clinical trials, according to research on Creatine:

  1. All weight gained during Creatine supplementation is due to water retention.
  2. Creatine supplementation causes renal distress.
  3. Creatine supplementation causes cramping, dehydration, and/or altered electrolyte status.
  4. Long-term effects of creatine supplementation are completely unknown.
  5. Newer creatine formulations are more beneficial than creatine monohydrate (CM) and cause fewer side effects.
  6. It's unethical and/or illegal to use creatine supplements.

As mentioned, these statements have been refuted by the aforementioned research in the Journal of The International Society of Sports Nutrition but have yet to be welcomed with open arms by many. This is due to the spreading of false information by the media, so it is always a good idea to utilize credible sources right off the bat.

With this in mind, let’s turn to the conclusion of this particular piece of research. According to the report, hundreds of studies have shown the effectiveness of Creatine in improving strength, lean body mass, and aerobic capacity. Simply put, if you’re looking for an evidence-backed ingredient to consume while weight training, then Creatine is one of your best options.


Another mainstay in workout supplements in S7™. This ingredient has shown in clinical studies to boost Nitric Oxide production by 230%, according to the FutureCeuticals, the official manufacturer of S7™ Nitric Booster. This staggering tidbit is all the more impressive when it comes to well rounded support during exercise, as N.O. is a key factor in maintaining healthy circulation and the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles.

Beta-Alanine (CarnoSyn®)

Beta-Alanine is a notable amino acid that helps fight fatigue and maximize exercise performance. It is a staple ingredient in workout formulas and has undergone multiple tests in clinical settings. A published study in Amino Acids, a forum for amino acid, peptide, and protein research, tested 18 elderly subjects between the ages of 60-80 using a patented form of Beta-Alanine known as CarnoSyn®.

The goal of the study was to evaluate the effects of Beta-Alanine supplementation on exercise capacity and muscle carnosine content in the elderly. The results were clear — significant increase in muscle carnosine content and improvement in time-to-exhaustion were among the highlights of the research findings.

In short, Beta-Alanine (CarnoSyn®) helps fuel a longer physical activity session and boosts muscle carnosine levels without your muscles giving out to fatigue as quickly as before.



Now that we’ve covered some standout ingredients to help you build strength, fight fatigue, boost nitric oxide production, and maximize exercise performance, it’s time to dive into some strength-building workouts to help unleash your inner beast:

Dumbbell Chest Press

If you’re looking to strengthen your chest, shoulders, triceps, and other points of interest in your upper body, then the dumbbell chest press is for you. This upper body exercise can be achieved with two dumbbells and a bench.

Once you’ve assembled the necessary equipment, place the two dumbbells on your thighs, lie face-up on the bench, and press your feet flat on the floor. Be sure to maintain the correct form and move your dumbbells straight up and down in line with the middle of your chest.

Check out this video for a visual tutorial on how to properly carry out a dumbbell chest press:


Once you complete your upper body workout, you might be looking to target other areas of your body as well. So let’s move directly below your upper body and focus on your core.

Although the bicycle workout is quite simple to do, this ab-crunching workout packs a big punch punch for your core, especially your obliques. In order to successfully carry out this exercise, simply lie face up on the floor, place both hands behind your head, and bend one elbow to the opposite knee and vice-versa.

Head over to this link for a video guide on how to properly carry out this particular exercise:

Basic Squat

Moving on down to your legs, this next exercise is one of the most popular lower body workouts. When performed properly, the basic squat is great for your legs and glutes and is a favorite due to its simplistic nature.

In order to carry out a basic squat, all you’ll need is a pair of dumbbells or a barbell along with a comfortable amount of weight resistance. Although there are multiple ways to perform a basic squat, you may want to check out this video on how to carry out this particular workout routine:


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