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Our mission at Purity Products is to help you experience dynamic, vibrant health. Purity nutritional supplements blend premium ingredients into transformative nutraceuticals that go beyond ordinary single-ingredient/single-goal supplements. We don’t sell "vitamins" — we craft intelligent nutritional solutions backed by scientific research and clinical testing.


Everything we do at Purity Products is guided by 3 co-equal values: a commitment to customer satisfaction, a dedication to quality, and the relentless pursuit of sound nutritional science.

Customer Satisfaction: In the 25+ years Purity Products has been in business, we have reached over 3 million people with our unique nutritional supplements. Many of those people have become longtime customers who are part of our Super Saver delivery program that makes sure they receive a steady supply of their favorite Purity formulas at discounts of up to 27%. Our dedicated team of customer service experts is trained to give you product advice, answer your questions, and make sure you are 100% happy with your Purity Products experience.

Quality: We do everything possible to bring you the highest quality products manufactured using the strictest standards for safety and potency. We have a special department that monitors all of our products and procedures, and we hold our supply partners to the same principles that we adhere to. To read more about our Quality Assurance procedures, click here.

Nutritional Science: Since its inception, Purity Products has pursued sound nutritional science with a passion. Every one of our formulas is designed with a purpose: to enhance healthy living. We use ingredients that are backed by clinical research, blended together for synergistic effect. That’s why you will see patented forms of various ingredients in many of our products. These patented nutrients are developed by scientists to unlock the most powerful version of that nutrient. Not all versions of a vitamin, mineral, or plant-based extracts are created equally. Some are more bioavailable than other forms, some are more potent, and some are harvested using methods that are better for the environment. If an ingredient is in a Purity Products supplement, it was chosen to give you the best nutritional experience available.


We pledge to be environmentally responsible in all that we do, and to give back to the community whenever and wherever we can. We use responsibly-sourced sustainable ingredients; environmentally-friendly office, manufacturing, and shipping equipment and methods; and support local and global charities focused on feeding people in need. For more on how we bring this pledge to life, see our Purity in Action page by clicking here.

One example of our commitment to the environment is our in-house Green Initiative, which was featured on News 12 Long Island as part of their "Go Green" segment highlighting local companies that make changes in their policies and procedures to better support the health of our planet.