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What Does It Take To Create A High-Quality Dietary Supplement Backed By Science?

From preliminary research, to ingredient sourcing, to final formulation—and every step in between—Purity Products® has been perfecting the process of creating high-quality, evidence-based nutritional supplements for nearly three decades.

  • Each product is manufactured in a U.S. cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice Certified) facility.
  • Manufacturing facilities are inspected by the Purity Products Quality Assurance Department.
  • Every lot is laboratory tested against Purity established quality specifications.
  • Ingredients are tested for purity and approved before use in the finished product.
  • Each product complies with FDA regulations for dietary supplements.

The Value of Evidence-Based Nutritional Supplements

From the first ingredient to the final formulation, every Purity Products supplement is backed by the latest scientific research, evidence, and findings.


Building on our in-house Product Development team’s collective 60+ years of experience, we regularly employ:
  • Top Scientific Research & Consulting Firms
  • Independent PhD Scientists & Advisors

Relying on this support network, each ingredient and then each formulation is vetted via a thorough review of all relevant scientific literature relating to safety and efficacy—relying on The National Library of Medicine’s PubMed database as our starting point.

From there, we ensure that each formula balances both primary and secondary ingredients at the most effective doses and in the most bioavailable forms based on the latest standards and scientific research.


Using Only the Best Raw Materials & Sourcing Practices

The work of producing a top-quality dietary supplement begins at the source, with quality raw materials—the active ingredients that deliver the formula’s benefits.

For each Purity Products formulation
  • Each raw material is sourced from approved growers and suppliers.
  • Each lot is rigorously tested for identity, composition strength, and purity before it can be used in a finished product batch.

Over the last 25-years, we’ve cultivated a network including some of the world’s finest material suppliers located both domestically and abroad.

Non-GMO Commitment

We are sensitive to the issue of GMOs in the food supply and the concern about the potential of GMOs in dietary supplements.

As a result, we’re committed to developing products and formulations that:

  • Contain little to no ingredients from genetically modified sources.

Purity Products makes a concerted effort to work with manufacturers who are committed to using materials that are not GMO-derived wherever and whenever possible. For instances where an ingredient has to be partially or completely GMO-sourced, it’s important to note that once the raw material has been processed and purified, it’s unlikely that any GMOs that were present in the source material would remain.

While we can’t guarantee that every ingredient is GMO-free, we do stand behind each and every one of our formulations for their safety, efficacy, and commitment to quality.


Leveraging Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Techniques

A perfect example of our commitment to quality, purity, and your personal experience are our premier Fish Oil and Krill Formulas, which feature our exclusive LemonLock® Freshness System that locks in purity and seals in freshness. LemonLock® features a potent lemon-flavored antioxidant infusion process whereby the freshness of our Omega-3s are preserved by the antioxidants added to the softgel.


From there, each of our Omega-3 Fish & Krill Oil Formulas are TRIPLE-TESTED:
  1. Each lot of fish oil is Triple-Distilled and also laboratory tested for potency and purity.

  2. Each lot is finished-product tested at the manufacturing stage to meet strict quality specifications.

  3. Finished products are tested for shelf-life stability to ensure freshness is preserved for 2-plus years.

Rigorous Internal Quality Control Measures

Once a formulation has been manufactured, each lot is inspected, laboratory tested, and approved by quality control professionals before it can be released for shipment to our warehouse.

  • Our manufacturing facilities have in-house quality control labs staffed by qualified technicians trained in the science of testing natural products.
  • Raw materials and finished products are tested using state-of-the-art analytical techniques such as HPLC, GC, and ICP-OES.
  • Each lot is tested for microbial levels.
  • In addition, we randomly send samples to top-tier independent labs as a double-check.
A Letter from Richard Conant

Purity Products Quality Assurance — From The Desk of Richard Conant, VP of Quality Assurance

Dear Friends,

Greetings! As Purity’s Vice President of Quality Assurance, I would like to tell you about our approach and commitment to product quality, which is my mission at Purity Products. The Purity Products Quality Assurance Team is dedicated full time to helping every Purity Products customer realize better health through supplement products of exceptional quality. But “quality” is not just a word. Quality is an objective that can only be met by a focused, multi-faceted quality assurance program that defines, measures and achieves strict standards and specifications. Everything from the selection of raw materials from approved suppliers—to processing, testing, and handling of finished products—must be conducted under the proper controls, according to written Standard Operating Procedures.

The Importance of Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPS)

Our manufacturing facilities are third-party certified by industry watchdog organizations such as NPA, which means they have been audited for compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs).

  • Everything from raw material handling, sampling, and storage to mixing and blending ingredients, to bottling, labeling, and testing, is done in a clean environment free of anything that could compromise product quality.
  • Every piece of equipment that touches raw materials, bulk blends, capsules, powders, and liquids is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
  • The people who handle raw materials, mix the ingredients and inspect the finished products follow industry-standard hygiene practices.

Meeting NSF Certifications & Standards

Many of our products are NSF Certified, which exemplifies our deep commitment to quality and purity in our supplements. When you see the NSF logo on one of our Purity formulas, you can be confident that the contents of your supplements are being checked and monitored by one of the most well-respected, third-party certifiers in the world. 


Purity Products doesn’t just talk about quality—our Quality Assurance Team walks the walk, by doing the hard work every day to make sure every bottle meets our quality standards, on all levels.

That’s our mission, dedication, and commitment!

If you have comments or questions, please send us an email.