Spotlight on 3-Daxin™ – A Breakthrough Botanical in Healthy Aging

What if we told you that one of America’s most powerful bioactive compounds was discovered by accident? Welcome to 3-Daxin™ — Kentucky’s own breakthrough superfood.

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Spotlight on 3-Daxin™ – A Breakthrough Botanical in Healthy Aging

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    •    The 3-Daxin™ Healthy Aging Breakthrough
    •    3-Daxin™ & Oxidative Stress
    •    3-Daxin™ & Immune Support
    •    3-Daxin™ & Your Brain

The National Institute on Aging – a sector of the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) states multiple factors can influence healthy aging. Some factors, including genetics, are out of our control. However, other factors such as a healthy diet, going to the doctor regularly to take care of our physical and mental health, and remaining active with exercise can benefit healthy aging. Actions such as maintaining quality of life as you age can be beneficial to your healthy aging journey as well.

And though everyone is different, years of study has shown these actions to be quite beneficial to your mind and body — no matter your age.

But you might be thinking to yourself, “I already do all those things, and I can’t buy a time machine yet, so what’s next? Is it another exercise program to help maintain my physical health? How about another puzzle to keep my mind sharp?”

Sure, those things could be worthwhile additions to your healthy aging journey, but we have something different in mind — and it is called 3-Daxin™.

Back in 2009, renowned plant biologist, Dr. Seth DeBolt, was scanning a sea of green sorghum near the University of Kentucky when he noticed one of his sorghum plants was completely red. Thanks to his extensive research on plant biology, Dr. DeBolt knew the red parts of the crop were where the sorghum’s valuable bioactive compounds were concentrated. This strange phenomenon piqued DeBolt’s interest, and he knew his findings warranted a closer look.

Oh, and did we mention this plant was discovered by accident? This is just one of many amazing details hidden inside the 3-Daxin™ story!

Today, this 1 in 2 million natural variety of elite Red Sorghum provides unrivaled support for healthy cell aging at the molecular level — and achieves its amazing healthy aging benefits through 3 modes of action:

  1. Reducing cellular oxidative stress
  2. Triggering defensive immune response
  3. Calming & balancing cytokine levels 

Read on to learn the full story of 3-Daxin™ and discover why it can be a valuable piece of your healthy aging journey!

Take Your Healthy Aging Journey to The Next Level with 3-Daxin™ 

As mentioned, factors such as a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and regular visits to the doctor all play a role in supporting healthy aging.

But supporting our physical and mental health as we age goes beyond what we do on the outside.

That’s right: we must support our health from the inside as well — especially when it comes to protecting our cells and tissue from oxidative stress.

You see, antioxidant protection is vital to health and wellbeing. The oxidative stress caused by free radicals can put a strain on our cells and tissues. Factors such as pollution, physical and emotional stress, and environmental toxins all cause these rogue molecules to build up inside the body. From there, they attack our cells and tissue, which causes oxidative stress that can sap your energy, wrinkle your skin, impacts joint & muscle health, heart health and brain function concerns, and more. As you can see, it is important to protect your body against free radicals on your healthy aging journey.

3-Daxin™ leverages powerful antioxidant properties that have shown the ability to reduce oxidative stress. What’s more, this impressive botanical supports other areas of healthy aging by delivering potent therapeutic benefits, key flavonoids, and more.

Powerful Antioxidant Protection

daxin graphAccording to the official website of Dr. DeBolt and his colleagues, 3-Daxin™ has unmatched ability to combat oxidative stress through a bevy of cellular mechanisms. Pre-clinical experimentation has shown that 3-Daxin™:

  • Neutralizes 98.5% of theoretical maximum of oxidative stress in stressed cells.
  • Is more potent than quercetin, 2X more potent than resveratrol, 20X more than epicatechin.
  • Increases natural cellular defenses against stress and damage (the NRF2 stress response).
  • Contains unique catalase-like activity — and holds the ability to neutralize cellular super-oxides like hydrogen peroxide.

Furthermore, 3-Daxin™ possesses one of the highest botanical antioxidant capacities ever recorded. Plus, it is a more powerful antioxidant than blueberries — 50x more powerful to be exact!

A Potent Agent for Immune Support and More

3-Daxin™ can serve as a valuable sidekick to your healthy aging journey because it is a powerful antioxidant. However, it also contains polyphenols and flavonoids that deliver potent benefits such as support for immune health and more:

  • Anti-Inflammatory Activity
  • Immune Health
  • Healthy Lipid Metabolism
  • Healthy Cell Growth and Division
  • Ultraviolet Protective
  • Anti-Collagenase and Anti-Elastase

Although each of these play a role in supporting healthy aging, you can make the case its anti-inflammatory activity and support for immune health perhaps stand out the most.

  • Put simply, 3-Daxin™ suppresses inflammatory cytokines — the signaling molecules that cause inflammation in the body.
  • On the other hand, 3-Daxin™ promotes immunity by boosting the levels of key messaging molecules in charge of your body’s adaptive immune response.

Take Care of Your Cognitive Health with A Trio of Key Flavonoids

You’ve heard the story behind 3-Daxin™. You’ve also read the benefits of this special Red Sorghum.

But 3-Daxin™ is more than just a unique form of Red Sorghum! In fact, it is so rich in polyphenols that we’re still learning all the significant biological benefits it can produce.

Inside this one extract are several polyphenols, including familiar faces such as Quercetin, Luteolin, and Ferulic Acid — many of which are at higher concentrations than most other sources.

  • Supports Cognitive Health
  • Neuroprotective Through Several Mechanisms
  • Supports Socialization in Animal Models
  • Supports Cognitive Health and Function
  • Supports Healthy Aging
  • Supports Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity and Neurogenesis
  • Multiple Mechanisms of Neuroprotection
  • Promotes Lung Health & Respiratory Function (which helps deliver oxygen to the brain)
  • Supports Cognitive Function and Special Learning
  • Promotes Neurological Comfort
  • Supports Overall Brain Health
  • Inhibits Excessive Release of Glutamate
  • Supports Eye Health from Harmful Blue Light

Plus, it meets every possible clean label and sustainable designation, and is Non-GMO, Vegan, Organic, and grown and processed right here in the United States!

3-Daxin™ Is A Worthy Sidekick for Supporting Healthy Aging

We all know our minds and bodies change with age. It is a natural process that we all must manage. But we all must protect our health and wellbeing by treating our bodies right — no matter if you’re in your 20s, 40s, 60s, or beyond.

That is why we must take a page out of the National Institute on Aging’s book of how to support healthy aging by participating in physical activity, making smart food choices, getting enough sleep, and more.

But a breakthrough formula built around a powerful plant cultivated in Kentucky has us thinking we can do even more to support our healthy aging journeys. And you’ve already heard the benefits of reducing cellular oxidative stress, triggering defensive immune response, and calming & balancing cytokine levels.

The benefits of 3-Daxin™ are impressive, but this story has only just begun. We’re still learning more about this powerful botanical.

But for the time being, you can proudly say you’re at the forefront of something that is unlike anything the world has ever seen.


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