Specialty Formulas

Specialty Formulas
Discover a world of nutritional supplements designed to support a wide variety of health needs from heart health, to joint comfort, to sexual health and more.* These products combine evidence-based nutraceuticals into unique formulas that go beyond ordinary single ingredient/single goal vitamins.
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  1. STRENGTH 50+
    STRENGTH 50+
    This healthy aging super-formula is powered by SV50+™ — a blend of botanical extracts clinically shown to build muscle strength and vitality.*†
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  2. MyMetabolism™- Calorie Burning Matrix
    MyMetabolism™- Calorie Burning Matrix
    The easy way to burn 181 extra calories per day - driven by the fat-burning power of Sinetrol ® * Learn More
  3. MyBladder™ Support Formula
    MyBladder™ Support Formula
    Support normal bladder function with an extensively studied, proprietary blend of herbal ingredients* Learn More
  4. AstaGummies™
    Vital antioxidant protection from clinically studied Astaxanthin in one delicious, mixed berry flavored gummy* Learn More
  5. EverStrong® Tablets
    EverStrong® Tablets
    Build physical and mental strength with Creatine + energizing and joint comfort co-factors* Learn More
  6. Artery Pill® Core
    Artery Pill® Core
    Promotes healthy circulation with 4 key ingredients with Vitamin K2 and a host of nutritional co-factors* Learn More
  7. JointGel® Formula - Super Chocolate Powder
    JointGel® Formula - Super Chocolate Powder
    Revitalize joint comfort and strengthen connective tissue - now in a delicious chocolate flavor* Learn More
  8. Once-Daily Essential Immunity™ - Vitamin C & D Super Formula
    Once-Daily Essential Immunity™ - Vitamin C & D Super Formula
    Combines high-absorption / high cell retention PureWay-C® with Vitamin D for healthy immune response*
    Learn More
  9. Chris Kilham's Ginseng 3X™
    Chris Kilham's Ginseng 3X™
    3 powerful ginsengs for energy & vitality, stress management, and mental performance* Learn More
  10. Hair, Skin & Nails Super Formula
    Hair, Skin & Nails Super Formula
    Combines Biotin with patented and clinically studied Lutein and more to help you be your beautiful best Learn More
  11. Blueberry Probiotic B12 Energy Melt™
    Blueberry Probiotic B12 Energy Melt™
    Support your digestive health, G.I. function, energy, and more with delicious, fast melting probiotics* Learn More
  12. Clinical Prostate Support 6X™
    Clinical Prostate Support 6X™
    320 mg of organically grown Saw Palmetto that promotes prostate health and healthy urinary flow in one pill* Learn More
  13. GreenSleep™ - Plant-Based Melatonin - 3mg
    GreenSleep™ - Plant-Based Melatonin - 3mg
    The plant-based, non-synthetic PhytoMelatonin that promotes falling asleep faster - and staying asleep longer* Learn More
  14. MyIron™ ProClinical
    MyIron™ ProClinical
    Support blood health, energy metabolism and more with a clinically studied form Iron and a powerful Vitamin C*
    Learn More
  15. Zestosterone® Pro
    Zestosterone® Pro
    Boost testosterone in as few as 2 weeks with clinically studied LJ100® Tongkat Ali and nutritional co-factors* Learn More
  16. Fat Loss Amplifier™
    Fat Loss Amplifier™
    Triple-action formula to increase fat burning, boost metabolism, and turn stored fat into energy* Learn More
  17. AstaFX® Astaxanthin Super Formula
    AstaFX® Astaxanthin Super Formula
    4 mg of Patented AstaReal® Astaxanthin plus Key Co-Factors to support energy, endurance, vision & more* Learn More
  18. Probiotic Super Pill™ - 3-in-1 Probiotic Formula
    Probiotic Super Pill™ - 3-in-1 Probiotic Formula
    Three clinically studied probiotic strains in one amazing formula for comprehensive digestive support* Learn More
  19. High Potency Black Seed Oil
    High Potency Black Seed Oil
    Carefully cultivated from the Mediterranean Nigella sativa plant to promote cardio health and more* Learn More
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