Sleep Systems

Support your sleep with formulas that promote relaxation through proper nutrition.*
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  1. MyMelatonin™ - Plant-Based GreenSleep™ Melatonin
    MyMelatonin™ - Plant-Based GreenSleep™ Melatonin
    The plant-based, non-synthetic PhytoMelatonin that promotes falling asleep faster - and staying asleep longer* Learn More
  2. MyMelatonin™ ProClinical
    MyMelatonin™ ProClinical
    Combines Plant-based Phytomelatonin and Shoden® Ashwagandha to improve sleep quality up to 72%*
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  3. Flexuron® PM Value Pack -- (Flexuron® + MyMelatonin 3mg)
    Flexuron® PM Value Pack -- (Flexuron® + MyMelatonin™ 3mg)
    Powerful support for joint comfort and a restful night's sleep.*
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