Results with MyBiotin™

MyBiotin™ Progress Photos

Need some motivation for your hair journey? Here are some of the progress photos submitted to us from our customers! Don't worry if your results aren't as dramatic or fast as others. Some people have results starting in 3 weeks, and but it may take few months to get your desired results. Don't forget that even if your hair is thinner than you’d like, you're still worthy and so much more than your hair!

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Ahmna’s Progress  - Before & After: Week 0, Week 3, Week 10

Week 3 - “I took the Biotin and starting in 2 weeks had stunning results with my hair in my hairline as I had thinned spots where my bun/ponytail pulled back on my hairline with my very heavy hair. I’ve had a lot of growth on my hairline, and lots of new baby hairs coming in. That was a super win because I really wanted that part to look healthy.”

Week 10 - “I think that the solubility of this product is what makes it so potent. At 10 weeks I feel reached my hair goal and don’t think I need to take them anymore.”



Morgan’s Progress  - Before & After: Week 0, Week 3

“I was looking for something that can protect and nourish my hair. I've struggled with hair health and breakage as a performer, I have my hair pinned up in wigs or I have to style it with so much heat for performances. A lot of actual hair products haven’t worked for me but I was very interested in testing out this Biotin Formula.”

"After about 3 weeks, my friends started asking me what I was doing differently, and I noticed some baby hairs. If you want to feel more confident with your hair, I say try this.”



Kimberly’s Progress  - Before & After: Week 0, Week 3

Week 0 - “I was very interested in trying mybiotin. My husband has thinning hair too, and our star son Jack with down syndrome loves to make fun of his hair. I as the Mom find with the stress of bring up the kids, Teaching Group Fitness Classes 12 times a week, and the active busy Mom life... I really wanted and needed something to help thicken and heal my hair!” 

Week 3 - “My hair is looking stronger now and I'm definitely feeling more confident."



Paola’s Progress  - Before & After: Week 0, Week 3

Week 0 - “I had some problem areas at the top of my scalp area that I was hoping to take care of."

Week 3 - “Everything with MyBiotin is going great, I started to notice changes. All I have seen so far are positive results in my hair. I've tried serums, and other hair supplements that didn’t work."

Week 12 - “I'm happy because it's genuinely the first time my receding hairline looks covered and I have a lot of baby hair as you can see in the photos. I’d recommend trying this for yourself. I'm loving MyBiotin!"



Jennifer's Progress  - Before & After: Week 0, Week 3

Week 0 - “I was a bit worried about sparse areas at the top of my hairline. I started taking mybiotin because it just looked really weak and I was hoping this would be stronger and it said it’s 40x more soluble than ordinary biotin.”

Week 3 - “Starting in 3 weeks, I started to notice more strong hair and that it was more resilient. It felt and looked stronger at the root. This is a simple solution to make your hair stronger and denser, and overall healthier.”