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Ahmna’s Progress  - Before & After: Week 0, Week 3, Week 10

Week 3 - “I took the Biotin and starting in 2 weeks had stunning results with my hair in my hairline as I had thinned spots where my bun/ponytail pulled back on my hairline with my very heavy hair. I’ve had a lot of growth on my hairline, and lots of new baby hairs coming in. That was a super win because I really wanted that part to look healthy.”

Week 10 - “I think that the solubility of this product is what makes it so potent. At 10 weeks I feel reached my hair goal and don’t think I need to take them anymore.”



Morgan’s Progress  - Before & After: Week 0, Week 3

“I was looking for something that can protect and nourish my hair. I've struggled with hair health and breakage as a performer, I have my hair pinned up in wigs or I have to style it with so much heat for performances. A lot of actual hair products haven’t worked for me but I was very interested in testing out this Biotin Formula.”

"After about 3 weeks, my friends started asking me what I was doing differently, and I noticed some baby hairs. If you want to feel more confident with your hair, I say try this.”



Kimberly’s Progress  - Before & After: Week 0, Week 3

Week 0 - “I was very interested in trying mybiotin. My husband has thinning hair too, and our star son Jack with down syndrome loves to make fun of his hair. I as the Mom find with the stress of bring up the kids, Teaching Group Fitness Classes 12 times a week, and the active busy Mom life... I really wanted and needed something to help thicken and heal my hair!” 

Week 3 - “My hair is looking stronger now and I'm definitely feeling more confident."



Paola’s Progress  - Before & After: Week 0, Week 3, week 12

Week 0 - “I had some problem areas at the top of my scalp area that I was hoping to take care of."

Week 3 - “Everything with MyBiotin is going great, I started to notice changes. All I have seen so far are positive results in my hair. I've tried serums, and other hair supplements that didn’t work."

Week 12 - “I'm happy because it's genuinely the first time my receding hairline looks covered and I have a lot of baby hair as you can see in the photos. I’d recommend trying this for yourself. I'm loving MyBiotin!"



Jennifer's Progress  - Before & After: Week 0, Week 3

Week 0 - “I was a bit worried about sparse areas at the top of my hairline. I started taking mybiotin because it just looked really weak and I was hoping this would be stronger and it said it’s 40x more soluble than ordinary biotin.”

Week 3 - “Starting in 3 weeks, I started to notice more strong hair and that it was more resilient. It felt and looked stronger at the root. This is a simple solution to make your hair stronger and denser, and overall healthier.”



vanessa's Progress  - Before & After: Week 0, week 2, Week 3, week 5

"I was experiencing thin hair and it was making me pretty self conscious. I decided to try MyBiotin and I personally noticed a lot of results only within 3 weeks. My natural hair growth happened really fast and it made my hair stronger. It’s definitely the one product that has helped me with my hair growth.”



christina's Progress  - Before & After: week 0, week 2, week 10

"I have tried so many products and the my biotin has helped so much with the thinning. I have used many products with no success.My hair is back to growing and being healthy again. Highly recommend.”



arabella's Progress  - Before & After: week 0, week 3, week 8

"I noticed changes in my hairline, and it looked healthier and stronger at the root. I recommend giving this product a chance!”



brenda's Progress  - Before & After: week 0, week 2

"I am going to report back in on a honest review... I've been taking it now two weeks and I've also taken pictures.... I will probably give it 4 weeks to do my review... if anyone is interested message me. So I have two more weeks and then I will share pictures. Yes!! I will definitely give an honest 100% review I took picture when I started, and at 2 weeks I'm going on week 3 now... I will give it 4 weeks since my hair does grow slower.... and I will take a picture.... I do know they say if you are deficient and b vitamins taking biotin will help.”



heidi's Progress  - Before & After: Week 0, Week 8, week 32

"I would love for people to see that it really works. From left to right, the dates are week 0, 2 months, and 8 months.”