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  • Triple Action Probiotic - (BB536 Bifido + La-14 + GastroBacillus)
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    • Replenishes Beneficial Bacteria Important for Healthy Digestion*
    • Featuring the 3 clinically tested strains with 13 Billion CFU -- BB536® Bifidobaceteria, La14 acidophilus and GastroBacillus™ (bacillus coagulans)
    • Helps Support Normal Immune Function and a Healthy Gut Environment Conducive to Proper Nutrient Absorption*

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  • Features and Benefits

    Three Clinical Probiotics Promoting Digestive Comfort and GI Wellness*

    Probiotics are "helpful" bacteria that keep your gut healthy.* Triple Action Probiotic™ supplies three shelf stable, clinically studied probiotics which promote nutrient absorption and healthy digestive function throughout the entire length of the intestinal tract.*

    BB536®- Friendly Flora Alive in the GI Tract, Clinically Demonstrated GI Health Efficacy*

    The Japanese are known for their appreciation of the health benefits of probiotics, and BB536® is one of Japan’s most widely used probiotics in food and supplements. According to the lead researchers who developed BB536® it meets the obvious but frequently missing re­quirement for probiotics to be efficacious: "it has the advantage of reaching the intestines in a living state."

    The efficacy of BB536®, now proven in over 25 human clinical studies, not only has to do with its stability, but also with its particular characteristics. The premise for the development of BB536 was that you would get the most efficacious probiotic by most closely replicating the bifidobacteria strain found in the bellies of healthy infants, which is critical to their survival and growth. The fact that BB536® resem­bles this naturally-occurring strain is likely to be one of the key reasons why it has proven to be so effective as a nutritional supplement for adults seeking to improve their intestinal health and to strengthen their immune system.* So by using BB536® to in­crease our levels of bifidobacteria, we can ensure we are maintaining a healthy gut ecology, the environment where probiotic bacteria, the "friendly flora" that are so important to digestive function and GI health, have the upper hand in the intestinal ecosystem.*

    LA-14 Another Probiotic Survivor Working for You—Where It Counts*

    In order for a probiotic to reach the GI tract alive and ready to do its job in maintain a healthy intestinal tract, it must survive passage through the stomach, and this is a bit like running a gauntlet for the little guys. LA-14 Lactobacillus acidophilus wins "The Survivor Contest" with flying colors. The ability of LA-14 to survive stomach acid and bile has been demonstrated through repeat testing. LA-14 is highly resistant to a highly acidic environment and a concentration of bile salts.* After successfully navigating passage into the lower GI tract, La-14 has another important trait: it adheres exceedingly well to the intestinal mucosa, the cellular lining of the gut wall. It comes a no surprise that LA-14 also exhibits tested efficacy in playing its role as a lactic-acid producing probiotic*

    GastoBacillus™ Bacillus coagulans -Three is Good Company

    Bacillus coagulans is known for its hardiness and stability. The unique probiotic is found in nature with a natural protective shell around it, an endospore, which remains intact until it dissolves in the GI tract. Like L. Acidophilus, Bacillus coagulans secretes lactic acid which is important for maintaining the mildly acidic pH of the gut that the Friendly Flora need to thrive.* As the ideal addition the probiotic trio in Triple Action Probiotic, GastoBacillus™ Bacillus coagulans as a team player with BB535® and LA-14 to help keep the whole GI tract healthy and function as it should.*

    Triple Action Probiotic – Key Features and Benefits

    • Providing 3 class leading, clinically tested probiotics in each serving – BB536®, La-14, GastroBacillus™
    • Delivers 13 billion hardy, stable CFU (Colony Forming Units/ live bacteria) in each capsule.
    • Premier quality and extra care - at each step of the process - from storage of the raw materials to blending in a special "low-shear blender" and packaging at low temperatures. Ensures optimal benefit from the friendly bacteria.
    • Shelf stable, easily separated "cold-foil sealed" blister packs protect each capsule against heat and moisture. Do not refrigerate – store in a cool, dry place.
    • Individually wrapped blisters provide great portability for those who want to take it on the go.
    • Innovative DRcaps™ (Delayed Release) veggie capsules protect against stomach acids and deliver the probiotics intact and active to the small and large intestines.
    • To prolong stability Purity integrates a two-step packaging process to protect against moisture, heat, air and light.
      • First we flush the environment with nitrogen to remove oxygen and moisture.
      • Next, we individually seal each capsule using low temperature cold foil seals minimizing heat and light.

    With 13 Billion CFU (Colony Forming Units) per capsule to replenish you GI tract while promoting a healthy gut flora balance - take Purity’s cutting edge Triple Action Probiotic daily to experience a new level of digestive health, comfort and function.*

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