Jay Cardiello CSCS, CPT: World Renowned Fitness Expert
  • Founder of JCORE System and Published Author and regular contributor to various health and fitness magazines
  • Personal trainer to Hollywood's heaviest-hitters, chart-topping Grammy winners, TV personalities and top-ranked athletes
  • Triple Certified in Strength & Conditioning, Fitness Training and Nutrition

Jay Cardiello is one of the most sought after and recognized fitness professionals in the world. Triple-certified in strength and conditioning, fitness training and nutrition, he is a personal trainer to celebrities, a regular contributor to leading media outlets, a published author, and an advisor to global brands.

"Change your life, not your lifestyle," is my mantra and the theory behind all of my exercise methods. I use the Organic Juice Cleanse and enjoy all of its benefits for energy, cleansing, revitalization and focus. I am always busy, and I love the fact that OJC™ helps me fill the gap when I fail to get enough fruits and vegetables in my diet.

-- Jay Cardiello

Peter Vidmar: 2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist
  • 2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Gymnastics
  • Scored a "Perfect 10" in 1984 Olympics
  • Member of the US Olympics Hall of Fame

“As a 2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist, great conditioning and advanced supplementation are crucial for me. I pride myself on excellence in all I do and take my health seriously. As a Motivational Speaker I travel around the world lecturing to Fortune 500 Companies, and I need to feel my best every day. That's why I take Purity Products®. My favorite products include: Purity's Gold Pack with CoQ10™ (for total body wellness), Evoxin CG™ (for energy support), Certified Organic Triple Greens® (to assure myself of getting the 7-9 servings of fruits and greens daily) HA Joint Formula™, as well as several others..."

"Even though I won my Gold Medals over 20 years ago, my presentations, to this day, always include a challenging performance on the Pommel Horse -- which my audiences love to see. For me, it's not enough to just talk about excellence, achievement and optimal health... I make it a lifestyle! I know that Purity shares my views and delivers uncompromising quality in their advanced formulas."

-- Peter Vidmar

Emma Charron: Senior Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist
  • National Senior Olympic Gold Medalist
  • National Senior Olympic Silver Medalist

"I just turned 70 and I starting taking Everstrong. I began to notice I had more stamina during each 1 1/2 hour swim workout and still had lots of energy the rest of the day. Thanks Purity!"

-- Emma Charron

Martin Barnett: World Class Mountain Climber
  • World Class Mountain Climber
  • Ascended Mt. Everest in Spring 2007 (pictured with OmegaBerry at summit)

"Yes, that's me holding a bottle of OmegaBerry on the top of Mount Everest! Why would I take a bottle of OmegaBerry® to the top of the world? It's simple -- I don't like to miss taking my OmegaBerry -- even for a day! As a seasoned mountain climber, having scaled many of the highest peaks around the world, I recognize the value of feeling strong and energized. When I take OmegaBerry, I can "feel the difference," much more so than with other products. I call it the "OmegaBerry Advantage"! Because I often push myself to the limit when I train and climb, I demand the best. That's why I also take the Perfect Multi Super Greens®, GC Flex™, Organic Super Reds™ and Certified Organic Triple Greens® routinely. Thank you Purity! And please take good care of the OmegaBerry bottle I sent special delivery to your main office... for a few minutes last Spring, after we reached the summit, it was Everest's crown jewel! Enjoy the picture."

-- Martin Barnett

"Mr. Natural" Jean Laguerre: All Natural, Drug Free Body Builder
  • Mr. Natural Champion (Master, Open Division) 2004
  • Winner of over 20+ Natural Body Building Championships

"As a lifetime "all natural" body building champion, I am fully dedicated to fitness, nutrition and exercise, and have been for the last 25 years! Using exclusively natural training regimens and holistic products, I would never compromise my health or my integrity by taking a product that was either artificial, or second best. That's why I take Purity Products. I can trust that their quality and their research. Each product I use, such as theOrganic Super Reds, OmegaBerry®, Evoxin CG™ Perfect Multi Super Greens® delivers incredible benefits for my energy, vitality and focus. They help nourish my body so I can train hard, work hard and feel my best all the time. To learn more about my regimen and training program visit my site www.mrnaturalusa.com. To me "Healthy Living" means exercising 3-5 times per week, getting healthy sleep, eating healthy and taking Purity Products'® supplements. You can do it ! Take it from Mr. Natural."

Mr. Natural New York (Master, Open Div.) 2004
Mr. Natural U.S.A. Div. Overall 1st Place 1995
Mr. Natural U.S.A. Div. Heavyweight 1st Place 1993
Mr. Metropolitan Div. Heavyweight 1st Place 1985
Mr. Teenage Hercules Div. Tall 1st Place 1981

-- Jean LaGuerre

Tom Dembski: Triathlete Competing in his 70's
  • In 2005, 3rd place (in his age group) for "The World Championship Ironman"
  • In 2005, 3rd place in the "Honu Half Ironman Championship"
  • In 2004, 2nd place in the "Honu Half Ironman Championship"

“I have taken HA Joint Formula™, Organic Super Reds and Omega Berry Fish Oil®regularly, and am feeling wonderful even after completing the Hawaii Ironman TRIATHLON in Kona in 2005. I am nearly 70 years of age. I feel great, and thank you for this wonderful formula.

-- Tom Dembski

Thomas Proben: REMAX Long Drive Champion Age 55+
  • World Champion of the Grand Champions Division (55 and over) for 2010
  • 366 Yard Long Winning Drive

"As a professional golfer, feeling strong and flexible is crucial for me to play my best. Recently I entered the REMAX National Long Drive Championships hoping to come out on top. With the help of a lot of training, exercise and regularly use of Perfect Multi Super Greens,Co-Q-Omega and Co-Q Daily Daily with Resveratrol I am please to report that I won the Grand Champions Division with a drive of 366 yards. Thank you Purity Products for your outstanding supplements. "

-- Thomas Proben

David Kahn: World Champion Triathlete
  • 2008 World Champion in the 25-29 age group Half Ironman
  • 2008 USA Triathlon Elite Age Grouper of the Year (awarded to the top amateur in the sport)
  • 2009-10 Competing Professionally in Triathlons on a Global level

"With my hectic training schedule, which can range from 20 to 35 hours a week, combined with my academic load at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, I am always busy. My top priority is to keep my body amply fueled, fully energized and well nourished. Purity Products plays a crucial role in my health and training regimen. My training consists of swimming, cycling, running, strength training and recovery (massage and stretching). I take the Perfect Multi, Triple Greens, Organic Super Reds and Omega-3 Fish Oil regularly, and they enable me compete at the highest level of this sport. Thank you Purity."

-- David Kahn

Christa Bortignon: Senior Games Gold Medalist
  • Won Over 300 Medals in Track and Field Since 2009
  • Set 10 World Records + 19 Canadian Records in Age Group this Year
  • IAAF Female Master of the World 2013

"I'm in my 70’s, and I’m a senior athlete who enjoys competing in track and field events all around the world. Years ago, joint discomfort almost stopped me from competing. Now with the help of Purity Products I’ve amassed a considerable amount of records, championships and medals. Here is a recent picture of me at a competition with world record holder Usain Bolt. I hold Canadian records in 30 different events and Provincial records in 39 different events. As of this year, I am the only master athlete, male or female, to hold world records in 100m dash, 200m dash and 400m dash at the same time in the same age group. When I broke the 100m and 200m records, they were 16 years old. I recently competed in the Nevada Senior games in Las Vegas, NV, in 7 events, and also in the Huntsman World Games in St. George, UT, in 9 events. In total, I won 16 medals in 5 days, all gold except 1 bronze in the javelin. I am now starting to compete in the throws in addition to sprints, hurdles, jumps and multi events. I won my 400th medal since starting track and field in 2009 and have 40 Canadian championships. Thank you Purity Products. I take Perfect Multi, Krill Omega-3 Super Formula and HA Joint Formula™ everyday"

--Christa Bortignon

Herman Ganz: Active and On the Go at 77
  • Competitive Tennis Player
  • Active Lifestyle, 77 Years Old

I am a 77 year old avid tennis player who loves life. I also play competitive tennis which means I am always on the go. With my active lifestyle, The Organic Juice Cleanse is all I need to start my morning regimen and get me off to a productive day. This is why it is my daily drink of choice. Not only is it packed with all the good stuff that keeps me healthy, energized and fit but it's also convenient to make. l just scoop and shake and "Walla"...I have a delicious, healthy drink in a few minutes. Phenomenal Product! Can't live without it!

-- Herman Ganz

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.