10 Reasons Why People Love The Purity Super Pill™

The One Nutritional Supplement That Covers All The Bases

What if there was one formula that was backed by science to deliver what your body truly needs in today’s fast-paced, stress-filled, high-calorie/low-nutrient world? One supplement that went beyond the basics — that was filled with evidence-based amounts of not only the essential vitamins and minerals, but also packed with Omega-3 and key powerhouse co-factors for vibrant health? And what if it could do it with just 3 simple soft gels per day?

You would call it your “must-have” daily nutritional supplement. We call it The Purity Super Pill™ — and it’s going to change the way you think about daily health. We’ve been developing nutritional supplements at Purity Products® for nearly 30 years and have changed the industry with many ground-breaking formulas. But nothing compares to The Purity Super Pill™ — it truly is the formula to take if you were only going to use one nutritional supplement.


1. It's 6 Formulas in 1

Have you ever really thought about what it takes to be healthy every day? Usually, we only worry about basic nutrition and maybe those one or two things that are bothering us… maybe our joints or our immune system or our energy levels. So, you grab a basic multivitamin, and maybe a joint formula, some extra Vitamin C and think you’ve covered everything. But what about supporting your heart? Or giving your brain a boost? And gee, our skin could use some help. Suddenly, you have a pantry full of bottles! That’s where The Purity Super Pill™ comes in! This is the one formula that covers The 6 Pillars of Smart Nutrition — the key areas of health that must be supported today and every day. You’ll learn more about each pillar below, but here’s a preview of what The Purity Super Pill™ supports:

  • Immune Function*
  • Cardio Health*
  • Brain Function*
  • Joint Comfort & Flexibility*
  • Energy & Vitality*
  • Skin Health*

2. It's Packed With Premium Ingredients

Grab an ordinary multivitamin or maybe a fish oil formula off the shelf. Notice the paltry amounts of key ingredients they contain? Can you even decipher some of the scientific gobbledygook? Well, with The Purity Super Pill™, we put things in simple terms: its packed with world-class ingredients at clinically researched doses that go beyond basic multis and ordinary fish oil products. In The Super Pill™, you will find all of the essential vitamins and minerals, along with 1,410 mg of PhosphoBoost™ Krill Oil + Premium Fish Oil and other ingredients you just don’t see in multis… Ingredients like Lutemax 2020® Lutein for skin and eye health, Grape Seed Extract for antioxidant protection, Gingko Biloba for brain health, and CoQ10 for your heart function and energy levels.* Gee, how many formulas in one are we up to now?


3. You Just Need 3 Small Softgels Per Day

We know — it’s pretty hard to believe… You would think a formula with so many ingredients at clinically researched dose levels would require a handful of horse-pills. But we spent a lot of time in the manufacturing process to get The Purity Super Pill™ to be easy to take every day. This is cutting-edge technology delivering elite nutrition!


4. It's A Vital Immune System Formula

Supporting your immune system every day is important to overall health. The Purity Super Pill takes a two-pronged approach to this important pillar of smart nutrition by promoting healthy immune function and supporting antioxidant action to help fight free radicals within the body.* That’s why we go beyond Vitamin C to include 2,000 IU of Vitamin D for healthy immune response and a special high-absorption form of zinc called OptiZinc® to help keep your immune system strong.*


5. It's A Cardiovascular Powerhouse

Diet and exercise are important to maintaining cardiovascular health — and so is giving your heart the right nutritional support. So, besides providing you with the full spectrum of necessary vitamins and minerals for heart health, The Purity Super Pill also includes cardio-supporting superstars including Omega-3, Vitamin D, and CoQ10.*


6. It's The Smart Choice For Brain Health

Your brain is the control center for daily living, so keeping it well-fed with the right nutrients is vital. Healthy cognitive function encompasses your thought processes along with your ability to store and retrieve memories. The Purity Super Pill is packed with a wide array of brain-supporting nutrition, including Omega-3, B-Vitamins, and Ginkgo Biloba extract.*


7. It Keeps Your Joints Running Smoothly

Nobody enjoys having to sit on the sidelines because of their joints. Joint discomfort, flexibility issues, and mobility concerns affect tens-of-millions of people every day and are a key indicator of healthy aging. If you can't stay active , it can impact every other area of your health. The Purity Super Pill addresses joint comfort and flexibility with a variety of nutrients including Vitamin C, Boron, and Krill Oil.*


8. It's An Energy Supercharger

What good is a healthy heart, a vibrant brain, and well-oiled joints if you don't have the energy and stamina to enjoy them? People often overlook the important role nutrition plays in vitality, which is why The Purity Super Pill takes this issue head on to target how your body produces and utilizes energy. This dynamic formula packs in the mitochondria power of CoQ10, the energy metabolism support of active Vitamin B12, and Astaxanthin to promote endurance.*


9. It Can Help You Look & Feel More Beautiful

Don't be fooled—it is not vanity that drives the need for healthy skin. Skin irritation, fine lines and wrinkles, along with weak and brittle hair and nails, can be a reflection of an inner nutritional deficiency that goes beyond hydration issues. The Purity Super Pill supports vibrant skin, healthy hair, and strong nails with a wide array of oral cosmetics including Biotin, Lutemax 2020® Lutein, and a wide array of antioxidants to protect your cells and tissue from oxidative stress.*


10. It Comes with an Awesome Guarantee

Trying out The Purity Super Pill™ for yourself is a no-risk, no-problem thing. If for some reason you are not fully satisfied, you can contact us within 60 days for a refund. But we’re pretty sure you’ll be happy with the benefits, the value, and the convenience!

There are even more than just these 10 reasons to use The Purity Super Pill™ every day, but you’re probably eager to get your own bottle right away — so go ahead and click the big bright button that says GET STARTED NOW!