MyBiotin™ ProClinical DOES What Other Biotins Can't Do: It Can Give You Thicker Hair In Just 3 Weeks

Thicker Hair in Just 3 Weeks

Selfies… Date night… Wanting to look great and feel great just for you…

No matter why you desire thicker hair and smoother skin, the fact is if you’re reading this then the “old” solutions are not working for you. Maybe you’ve tried “special” shampoos or the newest “magic” cream.

Maybe you’ve even tried a biotin supplement. But ordinary biotin can be hit or miss; the science there is not settled.

But what if there was a form of biotin that was different? A new form of biotin clinically studied to deliver results…

Well, there is! It’s called MyBiotin™ ProClinical — and you are going to look and feel amazing


MyBiotin™ ProClinical IS Different

At the heart of MyBiotin™ ProClinical is the patented MB40X™ Biotin Matrix.

  • MB40X™ is clinically studied. Sure, so is ordinary biotin. But while the MB40X™ study shows that it promotes thicker hair growth, ordinary biotin does not have even one clinical study that has those sorts of results.
  • MB40X™ is a NEW form of biotin that melds Magnesium Biotinate with Arginine Silicate, two ingredients that may be hard to pronounce but absolutely deliver amazing results when bonded together.
  • Ordinary biotin is... well, it’s ordinary. No magnesium, no arginine silicate. And no, just adding magnesium and arginine to a daily biotin routine is not the same thing as the patented & clinically studied MB40X™ Biotin Matrix.

MyBiotin™ ProClinical IS 40X More Soluble Than Ordinary Biotin

So, what is the secret of the MB40X™ Biotin Matrix’s power?

It’s the amazing fact that it's 40-times more soluble than the biotin in other supplements.

That means it delivers more real biotin to your scalp.

And that is where you want your hair to grow nice and thick. Not on your arms... Not on your chin... On your head.

Because thicker hair is bouncy, it’s playful, it’s beautiful, and it turns heads.


MyBiotin™ ProClinical DELIVERS Thicker Hair In Just 3 Weeks*

Did we mention the clinical study on the MB40X™ Biotin Matrix? Here are the results — because after all, you’re here for results.

  • MB40X™ delivered a noticeable increase in hair thickness in just 3 weeks.*
  • After 12 weeks of use, you’ll see up to 20% thicker hair.*
  • We want to be clear: MyBiotin™ ProClinical will help you grow more hair — but the real emphasis here is on thicker hair. It’s not going to take you from being bald to looking like a lion. If you don’t normally grow hair now... well, it’s not a miracle pill, it’s science.



MyBiotin™ ProClinical HAS A Not-So-Hidden Bonus Benefit

You came for the thicker hair... but why stop there? MyBiotin™ ProClinical is also great for your skin!

  • The study on MB40X™ also showed that this unique biotin matrix helps smooth out your skin.*

  • You’ll see a noticeable fewer fine lines and wrinkles on your face — along with a reduction in wrinkle depth!*
  • We supercharge the formula with clinically studied Astaxanthin — this will increase skin hydration & moisture retention.* Hello glowing, radiant skin!

MyBiotin™ ProClinical COMES From A Trusted Source

We know there are a lot of supplement brands on the shelf. But where your supplements come from matters! After all, you’re putting this in your body every day.

Well, rest assured that Purity means QUALITY. We’ve been helping people enjoy life healthier for 30 years!

  • We examine the science before crafting a supplement.
  • And we source our raw ingredients from fully vetted suppliers – and test them multiple times for purity and potency.

MyBiotin™ ProClinical IS Guaranteed To Deliver Thicker Hair

We want you to have every confidence that when you use MyBiotin™ ProClinical it will do what we say it will do: grow thicker hair and reduce fine lines & wrinkles.

So, we back every bottle with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee! Your health and satisfaction are our priorities at Purity Products®. It’s just that simple.

So, if you are ready to be your best beautiful self, click the Get Started Now button! We’ll rush you a bottle of MyBiotin™ ProClinical and you can give your body the boost it needs for thicker hair and smoother skin!*

∞ As per Singlet Oxygen Quenching Activity