Burn More Calories... Lose More Body Fat... Guaranteed!



Before you read another word, know this: If your goal is to sit on the couch, eat French Fries, and magically lose weight then you have landed on the wrong page.

But if want to take your diet and exercise routine to the next level and get to a healthier weight and leaner body faster, then you are in the right place.

That’s because MyMetabolism™ does something amazing:

It Trades Body Fat for Energy & Lean Muscle!

How does it do it?

Well, there is a lot of science involved, so let’s break it down for you...


You'll Burn An Extra 181 Calories Per Day*

Did you know that you burn calories all the time? Exercise burns calories, sure — but so does your metabolism — even at rest. Unfortunately, for many of us, it does not do it as quickly as we like. But with MyMetabolism™, your body will burn an extra 181 calories every day. And before you think that number doesn’t sound like a lot... that’s the equivalent of jogging around 1.5 miles!


It Burns Up To 5% of Your Body Fat*

MyMetabolism™ ramps up lipolysis — the metabolic transformation of “white fat” (the stuff that just sits there) into “brown fat” (the stuff your body burns for energy). Clinical trials have shown that the active plant-based ingredient in MyMetabolism™ (named Sinetrol®) increases the rate of this fat conversion, reducing total body fat mass up to 5%.*


It Shrinks Your Belly*

When you use our breakthrough formula, you will lose fat from all over your body. But the biggest fat loss was shown to be in the belly area of your body (65% of the total fat lost came from this area). Plus, the study showed that you will lose a bit of waist and hip size too.


It Cuts Your Carb Cravings*

Remember those French Fries we mentioned? How about we just leave those for cheat day? Because now you can with MyMetabolism™ and the clinically studied ingredient called Chromax®. This high-absorption form of Chromium “switches off” your excessive cravings for carbs.* So, if you are going Keto, MyMetabolism™ will be a big help!


It’s Built With 3 Clinically Studied Ingredients

We mentioned Sinetrol® and Chromax® a bit above, but here is the ingredient list for MyMetabolism®:

  • Sinetrol® — this plant-based calorie- and fat-burner has been the subject of 5 clinical trials. Sinetrol® is a patented combination of grapefruit extract and blood orange, with a touch of guarana. The studies also showed that the 630 mg of Sinetrol® found in MyMetabolism™ is the effective dose for maximizing the benefits.
  • Chromax® — this form of chromium picolinate is 15X more absorbable than ordinary chromium. It is essential for carbohydrate metabolism, helps lower total body fat, increases lean muscle mass, and promotes cardiovascular health.*
  • Vitamin D3 — the “sunshine vitamin” is known for promoting bone strength, immune response, and muscle health, all key adjuncts while you’re on your weight management journey.*

It's Backed By An Awesome Guarantee

We want you to have every confidence that when you use MyMetabolism™ you are completely satisfied with the results. We back every bottle with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee! Your health and satisfaction are our priorities at Purity Products®. It’s just that simple.

So, now that you know what MyMetabolism™ can do for you and how it works, isn’t it time you got a bottle of your own? Just click the button and we’ll get one out to you ASAP.