Is Your Joint Cartilage In Need of New Life?

If you’re looking for a pain reliever because you overdid it in the gym, then you’re in the wrong place — JointGel® is not for you.

If you're here because your joints prevent you from doing the things you love, then keep reading.

JointGel® is not like other joint health supplements.

This formula is for people who want to revitalize their joint cartilage, rejuvenate their tendons & ligaments, and get back to an active life.

This is a powerful formula with clinically studied ingredients shown to stimulate cartilage growth, increase joint comfort and flexibility, and provide more mobility.*

If that describes your needs, then you'll want to know how JointGel® can work for you.


1. JointGel® Helps Grow Healthy Joint Cartilage

Healthy cartilage relies on 4 things: collagen, protein, proteoglycan, and elastin fibers. So, if you’re going to revitalize your joints, you need to give them something that reliably provides each of these key components. That’s why JointGel® is built with Fortigel®, a unique form of Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCPs) shown in clinical studies  to double the rate of collagen biosynthesis, which stimulates proteoglycan generation, leading to elastin fiber and cartilage growth!* 


2. JointGel® Can Help You Get Active Again

Let’s bottom-line things: You didn’t come here because you’re happy sitting on the couch watching other people do the things you want to do. You’re here because activities like walking the dog, planting in the garden, and dancing with your spouse are in your rearview mirror — and your joints are to blame. You want to be active again — and that’s why you need JointGel®.


3. This Is A Long-Term Solution

If you’re dealing with a long-term joint problem, then why use something that only provides short-term relief? JointGel® is for people who have said “enough is enough!” This is the formula that goes to the heart of your joint issues: the cartilage and connective tissue inside the joint matrix. JointGel® is not a pain reliever — the goal here is to increase comfort, flexibility, and mobility by fortifying the cartilage and strengthening the connective tissues for the long haul.*


4. It’s Great For Your Tendons & Ligaments

While cartilage gets most of the attention when people have joint concerns, you should not overlook the importance of healthy connective tissue as well. Your tendons and ligaments are crucial to comfort, flexibility, and mobility. That’s why we made OptiMSM® part of the JointGel® formula. This special form of sulfur has been studied in over 25 clinical trials, where it passed with flying colors for supporting the integrity, elasticity, and smooth operation of your connective tissue, along with many other benefits.* After all, if you are going to be active, you need your entire joint structure to be in great shape!


5. There Are Some Great Bonus Benefits

Sometimes you catch lightning in a bottle and a product that you use for one thing — in this case, to help renew your joint cartilage — has some other benefits too. And that’s the case with JointGel®. By using JointGel®, not only will you be feeding your joints, you will be supporting:

  • Muscle Recovery*
  • Beautiful Skin*
  • Healthy Hair*
  • Strong Nails*

All of these benefits are due to how JointGel® supports healthy collagen, connective tissue structure, and proper hydration.*


6. It’s Easy To Use Every Day

Sure, most joint supplements come in a soft gel or a tablet. But by now you realize that there’s nothing out there like JointGel®! To get the ingredients into your joints for maximum effectiveness, we use a delicious mixed berry powder. You simply mix JointGel® into a glass of water. This enhances absorbability through the intestines, allowing JointGel® to be delivered into your collagen centers and connective tissue where it goes to work supporting your comfort, flexibility, and mobility.*


7. It’s Delivered Right to Your Door

JointGel® is so cutting-edge that it is not available in stores yet. But we wanted you to be able to get your hands on this breakthrough in joint cartilage health right away. So, we’re making it available to you right now directly from us. This is too important to have to go hunting for it on store shelf.


8. It Comes with an Awesome Guarantee

Trying out JointGel® for yourself is a no-risk, no-problem thing. If for some reason you are not fully satisfied, you can contact us within 60-days for a refund. After all, we’re concerned about your joints and we want what’s best for you.