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  • Organic Extra Virgin Thai Coconut Oil
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    • Ultra-Premium, Hand Packed, Extra Virgin USDA Certified Organic Thai Coconut Oil
    • Delivers Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) - supports healthy metabolic function*
    • Versatile! Great as a dietary supplement or use topically on the skin, hair and scalp

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  • Features and Benefits

    Whether it's cooking, skin care, hair care, or as a daily dietary supplement, coconut oil is truly one of nature's most versatile and beneficial treasures. Purity's Organic Extra virgin Thai Coconut Oil provides lauric acid and other medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). Enjoy the versatility of Purity's Extra Virgin Thai Coconut Oil for many applications.

    • Great for cooking. Use Purity's Extra Virgin Thai Coconut Oil in place of butter or as a healthy substitute for shortening.
    • Enjoy Purity's Extra Virgin Thai Coconut Oil by the tablespoon as a dietary supplement, alone or mixed with food. Coconut oil has a pleasant, nutty flavor so there's no problem taking it straight off the spoon.
    • Purity's Extra Virgin Thai Coconut Oil is ideal for topical skin application. It makes a soothing cream to soften dry, irritated skin. Coconut oil works great as a massage oil on all types of skin, without irritation or other adverse effects.
    • Hair Care: Rub Purity's Extra Virgin Thai Coconut Oil on hair and scalp for a deep conditioning treatment. Coconut oil is popular as a staple hair care product in countries like India and Thailand.

    What are the Benefits of the Medium Chain Triglycerides in Purity's Extra Virgin Thai Coconut Oil?

    Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are a special class of nutritious, health supporting dietary fats. What does "medium chain" mean? Fats are composed of groups of carbon atoms (carbon is one of the fundamental elements of the "stuff" we are made of.) These groups of carbon atoms are linked together like a chain, and they differ in length according to the type of fat. Most dietary fats have chains composed of 12 to 20 carbon atoms. There's nothing wrong with that; these "long chain" fats essential in human nutrition. MCTs are shorter; MCT chains have 6 to 10, and this gives MCTs unique health properties. These include:

    1. MCTs provide energy for metabolism.*
    2. MCTs are absorbed and metabolized, ideal for muscles and other tissues with high energy demands to utilize MCTs as an energy source.*
    3. Studies in animals show MCTs have antioxidant properties, including a "sparing" effect on vitamin E in the system.* There is some initial evidence that MCTs help maintain blood lipid levels in the already normal range.*

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