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  • Chris Kilham's Triple Ginseng
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    • Promotes Energy and Vitality*
    • Supports Optimum Physical and Mental Performance*
    • Three Types of Ginseng to Support Robust Health & Vigor*

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  • Features and Benefits

    Presenting Purity’s Elite 3-in-1 Ginseng Super Formula

    Especially formulated for Purity Products by ethnobotanist and Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham, Triple Ginseng unites three exceptional Ginseng extracts together in one capsule. Promoting energy, mental function, endurance, strength, mood and even healthy libido, Triple Ginseng combines the ancient wisdom of herbal medicine with science of standardized botanical extracts.* Specially formulated with Panax Ginseng and Korean Red Ginseng (KRG), Triple Ginseng also includes CEREBOOST®, a clinically-researched American Ginseng extract that boosts working memory and supports cognitive function.* In addition, Organic Schisandra Berry is added for its invigorating and fortifying effects on health and vitality.*

    Korean Red Ginseng (KRG)

    Korean Red Ginseng (KRG) is a special Panax ginseng that is processed to increase the concentration of key active compounds in the herb called "ginsenosides." Like all ginsengs, KRG is classified as an "adaptogen." Adaptogens are botanical compounds that help the body maintain physiological balance, known as "homeostasis" in response to stressors in the environment. In other words, they help us adapt to stress. KRG has historically been used as a tonic to promote vitality, well-being, energy, stamina, libido and general health.* Clinical trials investigating the effects of KRG on sexual function in men have produced eye-opening results for men seeking natural solutions. Although doses may vary, (and be upwards of 3g of regular, unstandardized KRG powder), the cumulative evidence from these studies suggest KRG can help support and maintain normal erectile function.*

    Ginsenosides are the principal active ingredients in Panax ginseng. Extensive research into the effects of ginsenosides on animal and human physiology has determined that these compounds are largely responsible for Ginseng’s multiple health benefits.* The KRG in Triple Ginseng is exceptionally pure and potent, with a ginsenoside content of 17 percent (several times more concentrated than KRG powder).

    Panax Ginseng and Physical Endurance

    According to the University of Maryland Medical Center website, there have been a multitude of studies showing that Asian Panax Ginseng is helpful for athletic performance in people and laboratory animals. While not every study has shown positive results, still many clinical studies conclude people supplementing with Panax Ginseng may experience better strength and endurance. Some other studies show athletes have improved agility or reaction time. For decades athletes at the highest level in sport world-wide have taken Asian ginseng to boost both endurance and strength.* Asian ginseng was also found to reduce fatigue in a study of 332 people. Triple Ginseng also includes a premium quality Panax Ginseng extract standardized to contain an impressive 5 percent ginsenosides.

    Cereboost® -- Ginseng for the Brain*

    Triple Ginseng features CereBoost® a clinically-tested, patented extract of American ginseng (Panax quinquifolius). Just like its cousin, Panax Ginseng, American Ginseng works as an adaptogen, making it the ideal partner for vitalizing the body and mind.* Just like Panax ginseng, American ginseng also contains ginsenosides. CereBoost® has a unique profile of ginsenosides that drives its beneficial effects. American ginseng is another powerful "tonic". Tonics are botanicals that strengthen health and rejuvenate vitality.*

    Panax quinquifolius is particularly valued for reducing stress and enhancing mental clarity. Clinical research bears this out: the effect of CereBoost® on cognition has been tested in a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, crossover study. ("Crossover" means that the subjects switched-off taking CereBoost® and the placebo so each subject took both for a better comparison.) The results are compelling: 200 milligrams of CereBoost® produced improvements in working memory speed, working memory capacity and attention accuracy. These changes were seen quickly; subjects had improved scores on a variety of cognitive function tests performed 1, 3 and 6 hours after CereBoost® was consumed.

    Organic Schisandra

    Schisandra (Schisandra chinesis) is the berry of a climbing native to Russia and Northeastern China. As reported by Chris Kilham, noted Medicine Hunter and Ethnobotanist, "Schisandra chinensis enjoys millennia of traditional use for prolonging life, retarding the aging process, increasing energy, as a fatigue fight and sexual tonic." Schisandra berry also demonstrates significant adaptogenic activity.* "As an adpatogen, Schisandra is a potent general tonic, decreasing fatigue, enhancing physical performance and promoting endurance,"* Kilham adds. Triple Ginseng contains Organic Schisandra Whole Berry Concentrate, grown locally in Massachusetts. It is Freeze-Dried to preserve and maintain the freshness of the Schisandra berries used to produce this unique whole berry concentrate.

    Triple Ginseng supports:

    • Energy & Vitality*
    • Strength and Endurance*
    • Supports Optimum Physical and Mental Performance*
    • Sexual health and Libido.*
    • Healthy Stress Levels*

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