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  • Spare Tire - Weight Management Formula
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    • Supports Fat Loss and Lean Muscle Mass*
    • Supports Healthy Testosterone Levels*
    • Promotes Energy and Healthy Metabolism*

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    Spare Tire? - Clinically Tested Formula for Men

    Are you tired of your "Spare Tire"? If so, it’s time to give clinically tested "Spare Tire™" a try. "Spare Tire™?" is an evidence-based weight loss formula for men that delivers the patented, award-winning ingredient Forslean®, shown in clinical research to support a healthy body composition while promoting lean mass.*

    One "Spare Tire™?" capsule taken twice daily supports:

    • Fat Loss and Lean body mass*
    • Energy and Healthy Metabolism*
    • Healthy Testosterone Levels*

    The benefits of Forslean® for weight loss and testosterone support have been scientifically demonstrated in clinical research.*

    U.S. Randomized Double Blind Study

    A randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled 12-week study showed that a dose of 250 mg of Forslean® taken twice daily significantly increased lean body mass and decreased body fat in overweight male subjects. There was a trend toward a significant increase for lean body mass in the Forslean® group compared with the placebo group.

    Godard MP, et al. Body composition and hormonal adaptations associated with Forskolin consumption in overweight and obese Men. Obesity Res 2004; 13:1335-1343.

    Changes in Lean Body Mass and Body Fat

    Clinically-Demonstrated Testosterone Support: In the above study, free testosterone and total testosterone levels were significantly increased in the Forslean® group compared to the placebo group.

    Percent Changes in Total Testosterone and Free Testosterone Levels

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