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  • Volumify Hair Loss Reduction Formula
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    • Reduces Hair Loss in Healthy Women*
    • Promotes Healthy Hair Density and Volume*
    • Patented & Clinically Tested Active Ingredient

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  • Features and Benefits

    Volumify™ — The New Word in Hair Health Supplements

    When you style your hair in the morning, are you happy with what you have to work with? Are you satisfied with the thickness, strength and shine of your hair? Or do you wish for better hair? Do you have a bathroom full of half-used hair treatments, shampoos made of broken promises, and a heart filled with disappointment over all of the products you have tried in the hopes of turning around your hair woes?

    With up to 50% of American women reporting concerns about the health of their hair, there is a loud clarion call for a new and different hair loss reduction solution. Enter Volumify, a unique nutritional approach to promote healthy hair volume and natural beauty from the roots of your hair out to the tips.* Clinical studies show that the patented active ingredient in Volumify beautifies hair by promoting hair density, brightness and silkiness.* Volumify can even stimulate growth factors for healthy hair follicles.* This is the hair loss reduction solution you have been hoping for!

    What Is Volumify™?

    How can a nutritional supplement help promote healthy hair volume? Well, unlike the so-called specialty shampoos, hard-to-use leave-in creams and expensive spa treatments that for many women are not getting the job done, Volumify works biologically from the inside out. At the heart of Volumify is an exclusive blend of nature-based ingredients, including a patented and clinically-tested oil extract cultivated from the prized millet plant. Millet has been valued as a symbol of strength, power, and beauty since the days of ancient Babylon. In fact, botanists use the word “hair” to describe this majestic plant. And now modern-day scientists have harnessed the power of this wholesome nutrient to promote the beauty, brightness, and volume of your hair.*

    The active ingredient in Volumify represents the latest breakthrough in the science of healthy hair nutrition. This advanced active ingredient is:

    • Patented
    • Clinically Tested
    • Non-GMO

    Amazing Results

    The clinical studies for the active ingredient in Volumify produced a lot of happy test subjects! 91% of the women in the study reported noticing a visible reduction in hair loss. And 75% of the women beamed that they experienced an increase in hair brightness, softness, and silkiness. For them, Volumify was the hair loss reduction solution that put the other so-called solutions they tried to shame.

    In all, the ingredients in Volumify can help:

    • Promote Healthy Hair Density and Volume*
    • Boost cell proliferation in the hair bulb by 140% to support hair growth*
    • Reinforce Hair Anchorage in the Scalp*
    • Support Hair Beauty, Shine, and Brightness*
    • Strengthen the Natural Collagen Sheath Around the Hair Shaft*
    • Reduce Hair Loss in Healthy Women*

    How Volumify Works To Stem The Tide of Hair Loss

    Volumify goes to work at the root of the hair loss problem—literally! The active ingredients act on the hair bulbs in your scalp, where they strengthen the collagen that is naturally present there to promote better hair anchorage.* This activates the cell proliferation necessary for healthy hair follicles.* And healthy hair follicles are the root of healthy, beautiful hair.

    After 6 weeks, brightness and hair beauty is noticeably increased. And by the twelfth week of using Volumify hair loss is reduced by 49%.

    Simply put, Volumify is a scientific breakthrough in hair loss reduction. What you see in the mirror when you use Volumify every day will make you smile—and make heads turn!

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