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  • The Artery Pill®
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    • Supports Normal Arterial Health and Cardiovascular Function*
    • Supports Arterial Flexibility and Elasticity*
    • Maintains Normal Circulation and Blood Flow*

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  • Features and Benefits

    The Artery Pill® delivers a patent-protected combination of two cutting-edge cardiovascular supporting ingredients: OmeGo™ Extra Virgin Salmon Oil and purified Vitamin K2 as MenaQ7®. Each ingredient in The Artery Pill® has been independently shown in clinical research to promote normal arterial health and flexibility as well as cardiovascular function.* The combination of OmeGo™ and MenaQ7® in The Artery Pill® provides a nutritional dynamic duo for healthy arteries and cardiovascular function.*

    A Dynamic Duo For Your Heart and Arteries That Saves Time and Money

    The Artery Pill® saves you time and money by blending together the clinically tested dosages of OmeGo™ Salmon Oil and MenaQ7® to promote arterial function.*

    100% Pure Salmon Oil

    OmeGo™ is 100% pure salmon oil made exclusively from Norwegian Atlantic salmon on the western coast of Norway. OmeGo™ is produced close to the salmon processing centers to ensure maximum freshness. A patented extraction process is utilized to maintain the Omega-3 fatty acid composition and molecular structure of fresh salmon oil. This proprietary extraction technology uses very low temperatures to preserve the state of the oil. OmeGo™ has been studied clinically and shown to help maintain biomarkers of cardiovascular health in already normal ranges.* A 2013 study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences, showed healthy subjects aged 20 to 60 who took salmon oil had significant positive changes in blood lipid levels.

    Award-Winning Vitamin K2

    MenaQ7® is an award-winning Vitamin K2 in the form of MK-7 (menaquinone 7). Vitamin K2 has special properties that help preserve bone and arterial health.* Vitamin K2 functions to facilitate uptake of calcium into bone.* At the same time Vitamin K2 helps keep the calcium level in soft tissues in its normal, healthy state.* In a 2015 double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial reported in the journal Cardiovascular Biology and Cell Signaling, MenaQ7® was found effective for support of arterial flexibility and structure in a group of healthy postmenopausal women. Vitamin K2 is also instrumental in keeping our bones healthy by supporting calcium absorption by the bone matrix and structure, as demonstrated in a study of healthy postmenopausal women.

    Features and Benefits of MenaQ7®

    • Vitamin K2 is essential to utilize calcium in the body.
    • MenaQ7® Supports Healthy Elasticity of Artery Walls.*
    • MenaQ7® Supports Bone and Cardiovascular Health.*
    • MenaQ7® Helps Maintain Normal Calcium Content of Bone.*
    • MenaQ7® Supports Healthy Bone Metabolism*

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