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  • PS Brain Support - (30 Sharp-PS soft gels - 100 mg each)
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    • Helps maintain normal cell metabolism and cell-to-cell communication.*
    • Supports healthy cognition, skin texture and exercise experience.*
    • Contains 100mg of the elite, soy-allergen free Sharp-PS® Green in each capsule

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  • Features and Benefits

    What is Sharp PS® Green?

    Sharp PS® GREEN - is one the most revolutionary and innovative new products in the field of brain health. It is comprised of PhosphatidylSerine from vegetarian source which is free from soy allergens, and is non GMO and eco-friendly. Sharp PS® Green (developed by Enzymotec’s labs and derived from Sunflower seed), supports healthy brain and nerve cell function.* Purity’s PS Brain Support™ contains 100mg of the elite, soy-allergen free Sharp PS® Green in each capsule.

    What is PS?

    PhosphatidylSerine (PS) is a major nutrient phospholipid in the brain that serves as a key structural component of brain cell membranes. In the brain, PS helps maintain normal cell metabolism and cell-to-cell communication.* While some fats, such as Trans fats, may be harmful for human health, others have demonstrated benefits. Among the beneficial fats, the best known are omega-3 fatty acids. Like Omega-3, PS intake can also result in many health benefits. Such benefits were demonstrated to include support of healthy cognition, skin texture and exercise experience. Phosphatidylserine is a member of the phospholipid family, a group of fatty molecules that are the main building blocks of cell membranes. As such, PS is a natural component and an essential building block of human tissue. It is crucial for the proper structure, as well as to optimal function, of our body tissues.

    Purity's PS Brain Support Formula Promotes:

    • Healthy Brain Function*
    • Brain Cell Communication*
    • Cognitive Function*
    • Healthy Stress Levels*

    PS in Our Body

    Phosphatidylserine is a natural building block of our tissues, found in every cell membrane. The cell membrane is built from a double layer of phospholipids, separating the inside of the cell from the outside. Unlike other phospholipids, PS is found only in the inner layer, where it contributes to a number of mechanisms essential to cell function and survival. PS has been shown to play a crucial role in the structure and function of the brain. This demonstrates the vital role of PS as an important building block of our bodies.

    How it Works

    Unlike other phospholipids, PS carries a negative electric charge. This electric charge is responsible for many of the mechanisms attributed to PS. For example, release of neurotransmitters in the brain, activation of neuron survival mechanisms, and activation of memory and learning mechanisms (also referred to as "synaptic plasticity"). Our body also has PS receptors. These receptors are proteins that serve as "on/off" switches in the cell. When in the "off" mode, the proteins are dormant. But when a specific molecule attaches to the receptor (like a key inserted into a keyhole) it is switched "on", activating various mechanisms in the cell. For example, the ability of PS to regenerate damaged muscles is an action triggered by the binding of PS to specific receptors, resulting in activation of the regeneration process.

    PS was shown to regulate secretion and function of various hormones. For example, cortisol is a hormone that increases in the blood as a result of stress, and is responsible for many of the detrimental effects of stress. PS is known to reduce cortisol levels in people under mental or physical stress.

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