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Dr. Alan Pressman, DC, DACBN

Leading nutritionist and author, Dr. Alan H. Pressman, a Board Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist, is the host of the highly-acclaimed radio program, Health Radio News. The show is simulcast Saturdays at 8:00AM on WWRL 1600AM, New York City and Sirius/XM. Dr. Pressman is an Associate Professor of Bio-nutrition at the University of Bridgeport. He is also a Diplomat and past President of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition and a Fellow of the International & American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, and author of numerous textbooks and seventeen general public books on alternative health. Dr. Pressman is currently the Director of Gramercy Health Associates in New York City where he maintains a thriving private practice.

Dr. John J. Cannell, MD

John J Cannell MD is the Executive Director of the Vitamin D Council (learn more at and an authority in the field of Vitamin D research. Dr. Cannell attended the medical school at the University of North Carolina. After a year of a surgery internship at the University of Utah and four years of practicing itinerant emergency medicine, he began as a general practitioner in the coalfields of Appalachia. Years later, Dr. Cannell also received a degree in Psychiatry. He currently spends his time conducting research on Vitamin D and managing the Vitamin D Council's website.

Dr. Steven Lamm, MD

Dr. Lamm, a graduate of Columbia University and New York University School of Medicine, is an internist with a private medical practice in New York City. For the past ten years, Dr. Lamm has regularly reported on a variety of medical issues on local and national television and radio, offering his analysis and help on medical topics. He has been the long-time medical correspondent for The View (ABC-TV) because of his ability to talk to women about their important health issues, and the health issues of the men they love.

Dr. Lamm is active in clinical research and has served as an investigator for several sexual medicine studies. He is also a popular lecturer, an educator of doctors, and a visiting professor for numerous pharmaceutical companies. He lives in New York City with his wife and five children.

Bill Sardi, Health Journalist & Author

Bill Sardi likes to call himself a health journalist rather than a medical reporter and has written numerous books. Bill has translated his experience in health care to write about compelling and sometimes complex health issues facing Americans. Bill has travelled to China, Japan, Greece, Israel, and other countries to obtain first-hand knowledge. His books cover important practical topics, such as The New Truth About Vitamins and Minerals, The Iron Time Bomb, The Red Wine Pill, In Search of the World’s Best Water and Vitamin C Report.

Dr. Parris Kidd, PhD

Dr. Parris Kidd was born in Jamaica and earned his B.Sc. degree with First Class Honors at the University of the West Indies. Subsequently he emigrated to the USA and earned his PhD in cell biology at the University of California at Berkeley. In 1983, after serving seven years as a research investigator in cardiology at the University of California's San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF) and as a lecturer at Berkeley and at the University of the Pacific, Dr. Kidd entered the new field of nutritional biomedicine.

Dr. Parris Kidd is now internationally recognized as a nutrition educator and dietary supplement product developer. He remains committed to providing quality healthcare information rooted in good science. He has published numerous peer reviewed scientific articles, book chapters, monographs, and magazine articles on diverse topics in healthcare. He is a Contributing Editor to the journal Alternative Medicine Review, Science Adviser for Total Health magazine, and designer of dozens of dietary supplement formulations.

Dr. Neil Levin, DC, CN

Dr. Levin is a practicing chiropractor, certified nutritionist and a certified fitness trainer. Dr. Levin focuses on a whole body/mind/ lifestyle approach to health with an emphasis on the integration of Krill and Omega-3 fish oil to help optimize human health.

Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter, Author & Educator

Chris Kilham is a medicine hunter, author and educator. The founder of Medicine Hunter Inc., Chris has conducted medicinal research in over 40 countries. Chris is The FOX News Medicine Hunter and appears on FOX News Health TV both online and in US and international television markets. He also writes a weekly FOX News Health Column and is on the Medical Advisory Board of The Dr. Oz Show. CNN calls Chris "The Indiana Jones of natural medicine."

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