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  • Red Radiance
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    • Supports Cardiovascular and Brain Health*
    • Supports The Body's Antioxidant Defenses*
    • Helps Maintain Beautiful, Healthy Skin*

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  • Features and Benefits

    Use Red Radiance™ to be Healthy on the Inside and Radiant on the Outside*

    Put the Power of Nature's Red and Gold Color to Work for Your Good Health - Adding lots of color to your diet is a healthy thing to do every day—the beautiful palette of color that makes vegetables and fruit so pleasing to the eye is known to deliver a multitude of health benefits. And that includes red and gold although these vibrant colors are sometimes overlooked in the diet. But they shouldn't be forgotten, and thanks to the Red Radiance™, there is now a simple and easy way to put back the power of nature's finest red and gold nutrients into your supplement regimen. Red and gold pigments, found in foods such as Red Palm Oil, Lutein, Strawberries, Cranberries and Elderberries - have a dynamic, health promoting impact in foods, providing support for healthy skin, eyes, cardiovascular health and more.* Red Radiance™ is designed to put back what's missing. Watch your health shine when you rediscover the power of red and gold in this innovative formula - designed for radiant health and beautiful, youthful skin.*

    Tocomin® SupraBio™ - Elite, Clinically-Researched Tocotrienols

    Red Radiance™ features Tocomin® SupraBio™ Tocoptrienols, a patented extract from Red Palm fruit. Tocotrienols are effective antioxidants that nurture healthy immunity, cardiovascular health and healthy skin from the inside out. Tocotrienols are a form of vitamin E with an affinity for the upper skin layers. Functioning as antioxidants, tocotrineols exert a protective effect on skin by taking out free radicals that can impact skin health. But not all tocotrienols are equal. Tocomin® SupraBio™ is an emulsified tocotrienol delivery system clinically proven to deliver consistent and enhanced absorption in the GI tract. Tocomin® SupraBio™ improves oral absorption of tocotrienols by up to 300 percent.* But the benefits of Tocomin® SupraBio™ reach much deeper that the skin. As antioxidants, tocotrienols help maintain cardiovascular health by a number of routes.*

    Key Benefits of Tocotrienols:

    • Tocotrienols are a form of vitamin E that supports cardiovascular and circulatory health.*
    • Tocotrienols help maintain cholesterol levels in the already normal range.*
    • Tocotrienols help maintain healthy nerve and brain cells.*
    • Tocotrienols helps maintain healthy, beautiful, radiant skin.*
    • Tocomin® SupraBio™ contains tocopherols and tocotrienols which comprise the full spectrum of vitamin E, to support cardiovascular health.*

    Dual Action Lutein for Radiant Skin and Healthy Vision*

    To complement the power of tocotrienols, Red Radiance™ also includes Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Well-known for its benefits for the eyes, Lutein is great for keeping skin healthy and radiant. Research demonstrates that FloraGLO® Lutein helps maintain healthy skin hydration.* In a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial, subjects who took 10 mg of FloraGLO® Lutein for 12 weeks gained measureable improvements in skin hydration and elasticity. The results also showed that FloraGLO® Lutein worked as an antioxidant in the skin to counter the effects of oxidation on skin tissue. Red Radiance provides 10 mg of FloraGLO® Lutein per serving.

    Lutein is a vision-supporting pigment that belongs to the family of compounds called "carotenoids."* (Beta carotene is a familiar carotenoid.) Lutein has a special affinity for the eye. Deposited in the retina, Lutein plays a vital role in keeping the eye healthy by filtering blue-light.* Due to its short wavelength, blue light can be particularly hard on the eye. Studies show that lutein supports optimal pigment storage in the retina, which is a key to long-term eye health.* This same research has also shown that Lutein helps the eye recover from glare caused by exposure to bright light.* Red Radiance™ contains 100 percent FloraGLO® Lutein, recognized as the number one doctor recommended eye ingredient in America, thanks to the extensive research it has undergone. For added vision support, Red Radiance includes Zeaxanthin, a sister carotenoid to lutein. Just like, lutein, zeaxanthin helps build up the "optical density" of eye pigment.*

    Lutein Promotes Youthful Skin By Boosting Skin Hydration*

    Many people recognize lutein (marigold extract) as a supplement important for eye health. The light-filtering ability of lutein, coupled with its antioxidant qualities has been researched and shown to have a protective effect on skin health as well. Researchers have shown lutein is also deposited throughout human skin, delivering multi-faceted activity, including antioxidant benefits, to skin cells. Lutein provides photo-protective support to our eyes and skin - the only organs of the body directly exposed to the outside environment. Lutein is also beneficial to the skin because it helps improve skin hydration and elasticity. In a 12-week clinical study, lutein, Taken orally improved skin hydration by 38%.

    Key Benefits of Lutein and Zeaxathin:

    • FloraGLO® Lutein is clinically-demonstrated to support skin hydration, moisturization and elasticity.*
    • FloraGLO® Lutein functions as an antioxidant to protect skin against free radicals.*
    • Lutein is a vision-supporting pigment that belongs to the family of compounds called "carotenoids."*
    • Help Maintain a Healthy Retina
    • Lutein has a strong affinity for the eye. Deposited in the retina, lutein plays a vital role in keeping the eye healthy by filtering blue-light.*
    • Studies show that lutein supports optimal pigment storage in the retina, which is a key to long-term eye health. This same research has also shown that lutein helps the eyes recover from glare caused by exposure to bright light.*
    • Zeaxanthin is a sister carotenoid to lutein. Just like lutein, zeaxanthin helps build up the "optical density" of eye pigment.*

    OptiBerry™ for Whole Body Antioxidant Protection

    Red Radiance™ reinforces the antioxidant power of Tocomin® SupraBio™ with OptiBerry®, a unique proprietary blend of berry extracts and powders. OptiBerry®, contains standardized levels of anthocyanins, special phytonutrients that give berries their rich colors. Science has shown that berries contain antioxidants. Among these, anthocyanins are stand-outs; deprived of anthocyanins our world (and dinner table) would be a lot less colorful. Anthocyanins are pigments that impart red, purple and blue to many fruits and vegetables. But anthocyanins do more than make fruits and vegetables nice to look at. Anthocyanins are strong, versatile antioxidants, contributing mightily to the health benefits of eating lots of fruits and veggies every day. An abundance of scientific evidence suggests anthocyanins help maintain health of the human body on many levels.* Anthocyanins are reported to support cardiovascular health by helping maintain the structural integrity of blood vessels. Blending berry extracts such as Blueberry, Bilberry, Elderberry, Raspberry and Strawberry, OptiBerry® has been studied clinically and found effective at protecting cells against free radicals.*

    CoQ10-the Versatile Antioxidant that Supports Heart Health, Brain Health and Cellular Energy*

    CoQ10 is a vitamin-like nutrient that is produced by the body that tends to diminish as we age. CoQ10 plays a critical part in energy production at the cellular level inside the cell's mitochondria. CoQ10 supports overall cardiovascular health strong immunity and healthy immune function. Because of the extensive research substantiating the dynamic health benefits of CoQ10, it has earned elite status as an evidence-based nutraceutical. In the body, one of CoQ10's key functions is to convert components from our nutritional intake into ATP—energy the body can use and the cell's most important fuel for metabolism and cellular function. Decades of research have established a strong link between blood levels of CoQ10 and cardiovascular health. Daily supplementation with CoQ10 delivers important cardiovascular benefits, especially with aging as our ability to produce CoQ10 internally begins to decline. CoQ10's heart-support effects derive from its unique antioxidant activity, which supports integrity of the membrane inner linings of blood vessels.* Studies show CoQ10 works in the brain to help maintain healthy brain cells.*

    Red Radiance™ -- with Tocotrienols, Lutein, OptiBerry and CoQ10 -- helps support:

    • Cardiovascular and Brain Health*
    • Radiant, Healthy, Youthful Skin
    • The Body's Antioxidant Defenses*
    • Eye Health, Visual Function and a Healthy Retina*

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