• Over 1 gram of Omega-3s
  • Molecularly Distilled
  • Proprietary Antioxidant Blend for Freshness
  • NSF Certified
  • NSF Certified for Sport
  • Triple Filtered
  • Super Concentrated
  • Non-Repeating
  • Delicious Lemon Flavor

Purity's elite Ultra-Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil is not made for one purpose—it’s designed for many. Science has shown that the DHA & EPA in fish oil both contribute to the healthy and comfortable function of joints, the maintenance of cognitive abilities, healthy looking skin, and enhancement of cardiovascular health. On top of that, Purity’s refinement, purification and distillation process ensures world-class Omega-3 purity and quality. Our Fish Oils are made in one of just a few pharmaceutical facilities in Norway. Our proprietary Antioxidant Blend and lemon flavored oil maintains freshness and prevents any repeating, one of the chief reasons why people who desire the finest Omega-3 Fish Oil in the world appreciate Purity’s Ultra Pure Omega-3.

The two key active ingredients in Fish Oil, DHA and EPA, are widely recognized for their positive influence on many organs and tissues. Fish Oil comprehensively supports healthy heart and cardiovascular function, circulation, the structure and function of cellular membranes, healthy brain development and even healthy skin.*

As part of Purity’s commitment to product quality, not only are these Fish Oils concentrated, but they are "molecularly distilled." This process removes contaminants and locks in the purity. Each 2 soft gel serving contains 1125 mg of a super potent provision of Omega-3’s with 565 mg of EPA and 435 mg of DHA. Purity’s exclusive soft gel encapsulation process also includes a proprietary - non-repeating - antioxidant blend to maintain freshness.

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Purity Products was founded in 1993 by current President and CEO Jahn Levin in Great Neck, NY. What started as a three person operation has blossomed into a thriving, nutritional and health products company, with well over one million customers. Now in our new headquarters in Plainview, New York since 2006, we have made greater commitments to technology and dedicated even more resources to providing our customers with the best possible service.

With a broader line of evidence based supplements, highly trained customer care department and more advanced shipping facilities, Purity looks forward to being your only source for science-based nutraceuticals. Our goal is to create very satisfied customers and to exceed your expectations in every facet of the business we conduct. Visit our main website at www.purityproducts.com.

"I have taken several brands of Omega 3, yet I have noticed a difference in the way I feel in taking this brand. I am extremely satisfied!"

- Dallas, TX **
"Both my husband and I started taking this vitamin about two months ago and we both felt the difference right away. Not only in our overall well being but in our skin and our hair. We love it."

- South Carolina **
"I have been using this product for about two months and have been having more energy."

- Murrysville, PA**
  1. Fish oil is one of the most Doctor recommended supplements
  2. NSF Certified
  3. Our concentrated formula is up to 3x more powerful than other fish oils
  4. Supports a healthy heart and circulation
  5. Each fish oil capsule is "molecularly distilled", removing impurities and contaminants from ordinary fish oil
  6. Ultra Pure fish oil from Norway
  7. Promotes Healthy Energy Levels, Brain Health, Bone Health and a Robust Immunity
  8. Over 1 gram of Omega-3's in every 2 capsule serving
  9. Save over 72% off of the retail price
  10. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED
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