I.Q. Essentials: Kid's Perfect Multi
  • Advanced Nutrition for Children and Teens
  • Support for Good Health*
  • Immune System Support*
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We've taken the most important vitamins, mineral and nutrients and balanced them for optimal nutrition in our high quality Kid's Perfect Multi.  Read More
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60 Chewable Wafers, 30 day supply
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2 Wafers
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Smart Nutrition for Growing Minds

As a parent, your children’s nutrition is of paramount importance to you.  So, why would you let them take just vitamin?  Too many children’s vitamins are incomplete at best.  Well, that is no longer the case thanks to Purity’s I.Q. Essentials: Kid’s Perfect Multi.

The I.Q. Essentials Kid’s Perfect Multi Difference

Vitamin D: Most vitamin supplements contain a little vitamin D. I.Q. Essentials Kid’s Perfect Multi stands out from the pack—each 2 wafer serving gives your child a generous 1000 IU of the "Sunshine Vitamin", which is important for growth and wellness.* Up-to-date science is telling us we all need much more vitamin D than was thought in the past, children included. I.Q. Essentials Kid’s Perfect Multi covers this nutritional base for your child, so you can rest easy.

Veggie Concentrates: I.Q. Essentials Kid’s Perfect Multi is much more than just a vitamin supplement. What’s Mom’s biggest challenge in making sure her children have good nutrition? Getting them to eat their veggies, of course! I.Q. Essentials Kid’s Perfect Multi helps fill the gap with concentrates of vegetables most children shun, such broccoli, asparagus, beet greens, Brussels sprouts, spinach and kale. The last two on that list in particular are good sources of lutein, a valuable nutrient few children get unless they break the mold and regularly eat spinach and kale.

Balanced Nutrition is Healthy Nutrition

No one child has a perfect diet, all of the time.  That is why it is important to support your child’s daily dietary intake with a complete multivitamin that helps to fill those “nutritional gaps”.  That’s why we’ve taken the most important vitamins, mineral and nutrients and balanced them for optimal nutrition on our high quality Kids’ Perfect Multi.

  • Support the Growth and Development of Strong Bones & Teeth with Calcium and 1,000 IUs of Vitamin D3.*
  • Support Eye Health and Development with Vitamin A.*
  • Support Immunity with Vitamin C and Vitamin D.*


This product contains soybean.

Also available in a value kit, click here for details.

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