Dr. Cannell's Advanced D with Calcium and Magnesium
  • Bone Density Support with Vitamin D, Calcium Citrate and more*
  • Maintains Muscle Health, Energy and Mood*
  • Supports Healthy Immunity*
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Dr. Cannell's Advanced D with Calcium and Magnesium provides a powerful dose of cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) backed by nutrients that work in tandem with this crucial vitamin to support the health of numerous systems within the body.  Read More
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The Vitamin D3 Revolution

Vitamin D's influence on key biological functions vital to one's health and well-being mandates that Vitamin D3 supplementation can no longer be ignored by individuals striving to achieve and maintain a greater state of health. The research on this vitamin keeps coming: cardiovascular health, immune support, bone and joint health, and much more.* This advancement in scientific knowledge about D3 is especially notable when we consider that we are living in a time of widespread Vitamin D insufficiency.1 Formulated by John Cannell, MD, Purity’s Vitamin D with Calcium & Magnesium is a synergistic blend of targeted nutrients to complement many of Vitamin D3’s health benefits.

Why Dr Cannell’s Advanced D™ with Calcium is Best in Class

Dr Cannell’s Advanced D™ with Calcium provides a powerful dose of cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) backed by nutrients that work in tandem with this crucial vitamin to support the health of numerous systems within the body.* At the foundation of its design, as an answer to widespread Vitamin D deficiency, are found a set of other nutrients - key cofactors - added to compliment the physiological actions of D3. Dr Cannell’s Advanced D™ with Calcium orchestrates combined actions to make sure that optimal influence is present towards bone, muscle, and metabolic function.*

Key CoFactors

Dr Cannell’s Advanced D™ with Calcium features 5,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 plus a modest dose of well absorbed Calcium (citrate) balanced with key co-factors Magnesium Citrate, Biotin, Boron and an added provision of Vitamin K2 to fortify and support your bones and joints.*

Vitamin D is a team player inside the human body, relying on proper levels of other nutrients - key cofactors - to fulfill its potential in supporting several areas of health. Calcium is the cornerstone to strong bones and muscles. Magnesium is needed by enzymes that metabolize Vitamin D.* Magnesium is another nutrient that may run low in the diet. Low dietary Magnesium can contribute to lower levels of circulating Vitamin D.

Dr Cannell’s Advanced D™ with Calcium presents a highly bioavailable form of the mineral magnesium as Magnesium Citrate. Zinc plays a role in the Vitamin D receptor, and Boron supports Vitamin D metabolism.* Remarkably, research in humans has found synergistic action between Vitamins D and K2, showing a combined effort to enhance bone health and promote cardiovascular wellness. Working with Vitamin D, Vitamin K2 helps Calcium find its proper place in the body.*

Going Beyond D3

Taurine is an important amino acid found in many organs, being most concentrated in the heart and the retina of the eye. Taurine is active in muscle function, as well as in maintaining optimal function of nerve tissue, lending itself to neurotransmitter balance. Extensive experimental information has been gathered (from both animal and human studies) in examining the positive, beneficial relationship between taurine supplementation and cardiovascular health.*2

Don't Forget Boron

A British scientist in the late 20th century looked at data from several countries and realized that joint and bone health are adversely affected by modern agricultural and food processing practices. Specifically, he was concerned about lower amounts of the element Boron in our food supply.3, 4 Dr Cannell’s Advanced D™ with Calcium includes FruiteX-B®, a patented boron/calcium complex that has been shown to support normal Vitamin D metabolism, maintain joint comfort and flexibility and promote healthy bones.* Pilot clinical studies described improvement in Vitamin D status and more freedom of movement—an expression of joint function—in subjects consuming FruiteX-B®.5

Support for Your Bones and Muscles

Without adequate Vitamin D intake, the body cannot properly metabolize Calcium. Vitamin D strengthens bones and also may enhance muscle strength because of its direct effect on calcium transport in muscles. Because of its unique interplay with Calcium, Vitamin D can support the health of both of these important structures. Other ingredients in Dr Cannell’s Advanced D™ with Calcium further support the skeletal and muscular systems.*

Powerful Immune Support

Vitamin D also has an interesting role as a regulator of the immune system.6 D3 has unique immune-modulating properties that can support long-term health and wellness by supporting innate immunity. For additional support, Dr Cannell’s Advanced D™ with Calcium contains Zinc, another immune-supporting nutrient. The poor performance of immune cells seen in zinc deficiency emphasizes the importance of this mineral for good health.7*

Heart and Cardiovascular Support

Recent research is increasingly pointing towards the importance of Vitamin D in maintaining healthy heart function, as individuals having a better Vitamin D status tend to have more healthy function of the cardiovascular system.8 This D3 premise of Dr. Cannell’s formulation is complimented by the Zinc, Quercetin and FruiteX-B® functioning as antioxidants, doing their parts in enhancing the stability of cell membranes throughout the cardiovascular system.9*

Higher Doses of Vitamin D = Greater Wellbeing Responses

Researchers in Canada observed the effects of Vitamin D3 supplementation in older adults by comparing a dose of 4000 IU per day to that of only 600 IU daily. Energy level and mood were measured with wellbeing scores, and the results were clear — subjects taking the higher doses of D3 had the higher wellbeing scores.10

  • Humans make thousands of units of vitamin D within minutes of whole body exposure to sunlight. From what we
    know of nature, it is unlikely such a system evolved by chance.

  • Whoever wishes to investigate medicine properly should proceed thus: in the first place to consider the seasons
    of the year.
    • Hippocrates, the father of medicine (circa 400 B.C.).


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Product Reviews
Advanced Vitamin D
Overall Rating: 5 5 5
Date: May 11, 2012 5:29:06 PM EDT
Posted By: Healthy One (Phoenix, AZ)
Quality: 5 5 5
Effectiveness: 5 5 5
Satisfaction: 5 5 5
Age: 55 to 64
Gender: Female
Primary Health Concern: Women's Health

I was really amazed with the Vitamin D product by Dr. Cannell. I had heard an announcement on the radio and thought I would give a call to try the Vitamin D. They were right! You will want to continue to use the product. I was taking a vitamin D product I was getting from the vitamin store, but they were not as potent as Dr. Cannell's. I can definitely feel the difference. I love them.

A Miracle For Me
Overall Rating: 5 5 5
Date: May 9, 2012 9:04:40 PM EDT
Posted By: GiGi (Philadelphia, PA)
Quality: 5 5 5
Effectiveness: 5 5 5
Satisfaction: 5 5 5
Age: 45 to 54
Gender: Female
Primary Health Concern: Skin Health

I've been using 10,000iu Vitamin D with Calcium for one Year! My skin and bone density has improved at least 85%. This is indeed my favorite product.

needed help and got it!
Overall Rating: 5 5 5
Date: March 14, 2012 1:33:43 PM EDT
Posted By: chicken wisperer (San Diego)
Quality: 5 5 5
Effectiveness: 5 5 5
Satisfaction: 5 5 5
Age: 45 to 54
Gender: Female
Primary Health Concern: General Health

I am a very strained single mom, seeking any resource that can help me anyway I can for energy especially, the only thing that could help me before was to drink a liquid iron, that would help me for a couple of hours, but instead since I have taken the Vitamin D supplement, I go all day with energy to spare at night! I do intend to continue to order, and when I can I can't wait to order other supplements! God Knows I need all the help I can get!!! especially when all I need to do is swallow a few pills!

good choice
Overall Rating: 4 4 5
Date: July 16, 2014 11:25:05 AM EDT
Posted By: calli (New York)
Quality: 4 4 5
Effectiveness: 4 4 5
Satisfaction: 5 5 5
Age: 65+
Gender: Female
Primary Health Concern: Joint Health

I purchase the advance D about four or five months ago. After I finished the bottle, I did not reorder. I started to feel tried and less mindful. I ordered another bottle to see if there was a change again and there was, so I reordered 3 bottles this time.

so far so good
Overall Rating: 4 4 5
Date: March 14, 2012 5:23:43 PM EDT
Posted By: krl (san antonio, tx)
Quality: 3 3 5
Effectiveness: 4 4 5
Satisfaction: 3 3 5
Age: 55 to 64
Gender: Female
Primary Health Concern: Brain, Mood, and Memory

Hello-I am a person who takes a long time to respond to any vitamins that I take, but I feel that the advanced d will continue to have a positive impact on my overall health. One thing-I have trouble swallowing the large tablets, so I have to grind them up into a powder and add them to orange juice to take. If it were possible to have this product in capsule form, I would like it much better.

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