CoQ10 Daily with Resveratrol Melt
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health*
  • Supports Healthy Energy Levels*
  • Supports Brain Function*
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CoQ10 Daily with Resveratrol Melt provides 100mg of highly absorbable Coenzyme Q10, plus 1,000 IU of Vitamin D. It also provides 2,000 IU of Vitamin A (as Beta Carotene) and 30 mg of high potency, resVida Resveratrol-all in a delicious fast-melting wafer.  Read More
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60 dissolving tablets, 30 day supply
Serving Size:
2 dissolving tablets
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Customer Rating 4.3 4.3 5

CoQ10 Daily + Resveratrol Melt™ provides a full 100 mg of highly absorbable Coenzyme Q10, plus 1,000 IU of Vitamin D. It also provides 2,000 IU of Vitamin A (as Beta Carotene) and 30 mg of high potency, resVida® Resveratrol - all in a DELICIOUS FAST-MELTING WAFER.

Coenzyme Q10

Few nutrients for the heart have been as well researched as Coenzyme Q10. CoQ10 is a bioenergetic, vitamin-like nutrient that is produced by the body that tends to diminish as we age. CoQ10 plays a critical part in energy production at the cellular level and supports overall cardiovascular health and healthy immune function.* Because of the extensive research substantiating the dynamic health benefits of CoQ10, it has earned elite status as an evidence based nutraceutical. In the body, one of CoQ10's key functions is to convert components from our nutritional intake into ATP - the cell's most important fuel for metabolism and cellular function.* That is particularly important for muscle tissue and even more so for the heart. Because it never stops working-the heart beats non-stop for a lifetime-the heart has the highest energy demand of any organ in the body.

Decades of research have established a strong link between blood levels of CoQ10 and cardiovascular health. Daily supplementation with CoQ10 delivers important cardiovascular benefits, especially with aging as our ability to produce CoQ10 internally begins to decline. CoQ10's heart-support effects derive from its unique antioxidant activity, which supports integrity of the membrane inner linings of blood vessels.*

Resveratrol a Multi-Talented Phytonutrient

Renowned for its healthy aging properties, Resveratrol dynamically supports the health of the circulatory and cardiovascular systems, as well as supporting healthy energy levels, endurance and stamina.* First discovered in 1940, Resveratrol is a standout among phytonutrients-beneficial bio-molecules in plants-with more than 4,000 research studies describing its effects on physiology. Classified along with bioflavonoids as a "polyphenol", Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that outperforms most other plant-based flavonoids. Resveratrol boosts the function of enzymes in the body that help tamp down the impact of oxidative stress on tissues, which can elevate when free radicals build up to excess.*

Take Resveratrol to Heart

Scientific investigation about Resveratrol's importance for cardiovascular health has led to a deeper understanding of its extraordinary cellular effects. Resveratrol has been shown to interact with cell membrane receptors that maintain dynamic function of the cardiovascular system. Among its more significant actions, Resveratrol appears to support a key enzyme that stimulates production of nitric oxide in blood vessel linings. This in turn promotes relaxation of blood vessels and healthy circulation.*

Vitamin D

Vitamin D's influence on key biological functions vital to one's health and well-being mandates that vitamin D3 supplementation can no longer be ignored by individuals striving to achieve and maintain a greater state of health. Traditionally recognized as an essential vitamin for bones and teeth, vitamin D is now the subject of an explosion of research showing that Vitamin D plays an important role in the function of our immune system as well as bone health and cardiovascular support.*

CoQ10 Daily Melts with Resveratrol-For the Brain, too

In a recent clinical study, Resveratrol demonstrated the ability to support circulation in the brain, likely due to stimulation in blood vessel nitric oxide. Additional research suggests Resveratrol supports cognitive function in aging, by helping to maintain healthy brain cells. CoQ10's benefits for mitigating oxidative stress extend to the brain as well, making it a logical partner with Resveratrol. Add in vitamin D, which delivers benefits for cognitive function documented in a number of reports and you have a forceful combination for your heart, brain, muscles and the rest of you, too.*

Complimentary Vitamins Support the "Big Three"

In addition to the Big Three-CoQ10, Resveratrol and Vitamin D-Co-Q Daily with Resveratrol includes Vitamins A, E and B12. Vitamin A is instrumental in supporting vision, the immune system and healthy cell growth. Vitamin E is one of the essential nutritional antioxidants. Vitamin B12 is important for maintaining optimum cognitive, cardiovascular and nervous system health.*

Co-Q-Daily + Resveratrol supports:

  • Heart & Circulatory Health*
  • Energy Production*
  • Bone, Muscle & Immune Health*
  • Healthy Brain Function*

Product Reviews
love these!
Overall Rating: 5 5 5
Date: January 29, 2014 5:21:48 PM EST
Posted By: holly (Maryland)
Quality: 5 5 5
Effectiveness: 3 3 5
Satisfaction: 5 5 5
Age: 45 to 54
Gender: Female
Primary Health Concern: Healthy Aging

I love these melts! i am not the best at taking pils regardless of the benefits I would be getting so I LOVE THE CoQ10 MELTS. It is too soon to say that effectiveness is terrific but I must say I have had more energy of late. Hopefully, this continues as I use my melts everyday. Try them- you will be happy you did!

Overall Rating: 5 5 5
Date: January 22, 2014 9:30:44 AM EST
Posted By: Pam (Austin TX)
Quality: 5 5 5
Effectiveness: 5 5 5
Satisfaction: 5 5 5
Age: 55 to 64
Gender: Female
Primary Health Concern: Heart Health

I have used the CoQ10 with resveratrol melts for a couple months and can definitely tell the difference in the way I feel. I would recommend this product to anyone that has high blood pressure low energy or for great cardiovascular support.

Overall Rating: 5 5 5
Date: October 23, 2013 4:35:59 PM EDT
Posted By: gw (Allenton Michigan)
Quality: 5 5 5
Effectiveness: 4 4 5
Satisfaction: 5 5 5
Age: 45 to 54
Gender: Female
Primary Health Concern: Heart Health

I like the fact that it's a fast melting tablet. The taste isn't bad

truly awesome products
Overall Rating: 5 5 5
Date: April 28, 2013 6:34:57 AM EDT
Posted By: tiny weetonwonder (mississippi)
Quality: 5 5 5
Effectiveness: 5 5 5
Satisfaction: 5 5 5
Age: 45 to 54
Gender: Male
Primary Health Concern: Healthy Aging

I started taking coq10 melts and optikrill 500 supplements in mid March 2013. These products are truly awesome. My feelings of well being and energy are through the roof. Its only been about 6 weeks into my 1st 90 day shipment.I sleep 7or8 hours nightly and wake up feeling great. Im truly amazed at the way I feel.My lower back used to hurt every morning apon waking,but not anymore. I dont seem to get as sore from strenous activity at work. Im gladly waiting on my July 1st auto shipment. I cant thank Purity Products enough for this awesome product. Im a auto ship customer for life.

Overall Rating: 4 4 5
Date: February 8, 2014 8:10:18 AM EST
Posted By: jay (fla)
Quality: 4 4 5
Effectiveness: 3 3 5
Satisfaction: 3 3 5
Age: 65+
Gender: Female
Primary Health Concern: Heart Health

much easier to take and no side affects....

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