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Ed Ostiguy: Comptetitive Tennis Player
  • Competitive Tennis Player
  • Director of Training

"I play on a senior (50 and over) USTA tennis team from Clearwater, Florida. Here is a picture of us winning the Sectional Championships in May at Daytona Beach, FL (pictured from left to right Boderek, Poffenburger, Esterbrook, Bianco, captain Foster, Serrabella, Buell, Duncan, myself and Frost). We will represent Florida at the National Championships at Indian Wells, CA in the next few months. Most of us play tennis several times a week, and take the HA Joint Formula™ regularly. I heard about it from my teammates, and have personally enjoyed using it for almost a year. HA Joint provides me with great joint relief and keeps my knees and elbows mobile and flexible! We hope to represent Florida at the National Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada later in the year. We appreciate any advantage we can get, and with the HA Joint Formula™, my team is serving to win more than ever before!"

-- Ed Ostiguy

Willie Seabrooks: Amateur Weight Lifter in His 60's
  • Leading Weight Lifter in Age Group
  • Placed 1st in Several Weight Lifting Competitions

"I have been a proud user of your products for sometime now and they have given me a new lease on life. I am in my sixties and I am able to lead an active and healthy life that otherwise would not be possible. I am now able to go to the gym a few times a week and lift heavyweights in the realm of 300 lbs. and above. I have even won first place in several weight lifting competitions. I literally want to shout from the mountain tops and share my enthusiasm and let everyone know the joy and new life Purity Products® has given me. My health is robust and my physique is amazing for a man in his 60’s!"

-- Willie Seabrooks

David Wickline: Active Weight Lifter
  • Active Weight Lifter in His 60's
  • Able to Pull the Weight of 3 Cars

“I am over 60 years old and an Avid Purity Products® customer using Hylastin™ (formally Vital H.A. Max). I enjoy vibrant health and I am an active weight lifter and strength trainer. I can even pull the weight of three automobiles.”

-- David Wickline

Dennis Uffer: Handball Champion
  • Four Time World Handball Champion, 63 Years Old

I play the "Perfect Sport"; just to be able to play this game is a feat within itself, but as Nolan Ryan once said "as you get older you have to work harder to stay in shape". I work hard to maintain the level of play to participate and to have won 4 straight World Handball Championships. I believe the Purity Products are a big part of my success and provide me with the necessary nutrition, thank you Purity.

-- Dennis Uffer

† Compensated Spokesperson