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Doug Beaudoin: Pro Football Player
  • Pro Football Player
  • New England Patriots
  • Miami Dolphins

"Purity's nutritional supplements are world class. As a former Professional Football player my joints have taken a beating over the years. Like an old Timex watch, I've taken a licking.... I've blocked, tackled, intercepted passes, run back punts and thrown my body around pretty good during my career with the Patriots and Dolphins. That's why I need to take good care of myself nowadays, so I can continue to have fun, play sports and feel my best. I work hard with the Professional Football Alumni program, and enjoy playing competitive golf in my spare time. Purity's HA Joint Formula™ help keep my joints comfortable and flexible, while Triple Action Omega™ works to keep my heart and cholesterol healthy. These are two great products which I am glad to have discovered. Thank you Purity!"

-- Doug Beaudoin

Lewis Barbera: Archery Champion
  • Gold Medalist in New Jersey Senior Olympics

"I have been using H.A. Joint & Skin, Dr. Cannell’s Advanced D, B12 Energy BerryMelts and Fast Action H.A. for many years, and I've eagerly recommended them to all I know. Your supplements have greatly improved my physical well-being and have helped me compete my best. I have won gold medals in archery at the New Jersey Senior Olympics and your products help me keep my edge."

-- Lewis Barbera

Scott Redler: Ironman Triathlete
  • High Performance Ironman Triathlete
  • World Class Endurance Athlete

"With my crazy 7 day a week work-out schedule (sometimes twice a day), and busy Equities trading job in NYC, the Gold Pack with CoQ10™ provides me with the peace of mind that my body is getting all the vitamins, minerals, fruits, greens and fish oil I need. Having it all in one easy packet makes it easy to take as well, especially when I travel for races. I've also added the HA Joint formula™ to my regimen, and its made a big difference in my joints health. As I prepare for my next Ironman Triathlon and its grueling 2.5 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and full 26.2 mile marathon, I noticed much less wear and tear on my body. During my training of about 4 hours daily on the bike, I used to feel a little discomfort in my knees . Since I started taking your HA Joint formula™, and as my training peaked, I have maintained excellent flexibility and comfort in my knees... even at hour 7 and 8 on the bike. Recently I completed an Ironman and felt really strong even at the finish -- thanks to my training and Purity's outstanding products! Thank you Purity!

But for me it's not just about performing my best, it's also about honoring a dear friend of mine, Steven Perez, who passed away in August 2003 from leukemia. I carry his picture with me whenever I compete. For more information on Steven Perez and The Steven M. Perez Foundation please visit [Read More about Scott Redler]"

-- Scott Redler

Gerry James: Pro Golfer and Long Drive Champion
  • 2014 PGA Player of the Year PGA. Northern Chapter Florida
  • Gerry James, PGA Professional
  • 2X World Long Drive Champion - 366 and 378 yards

"I've been taking Purity's H.A. Joint Formula™ for years and it is great for flexibility, which is so vital to a strong golf swing. I am also a big believer in Omega-3s and am really impressed with the Krill Omega 50+ combo. Love the Krill and Fish oil combination that this provides me with some extra nutrition for my joints - and they need it the way I swing. The new Organic Juice Cleanse (OJC)™ is awesome! I take it all the time to help me fill the gaps when I don't get enough fruits and veggies in my diet. Also love the energy and power I get from it - and I drive it close to 400 yards in competition! Thanks Purity!"

"OJC keeps me healthy and feeling my best. I generate a lot of power with my swing, and OJC keeps me at the very top of my game."

-- Gerry James

Ryan Bates: Champion Triathlete
  • U.S. Mid-East Regional Triathlon Champion 2005 (age 25-29)

“As a champion Tri-athlete, I am always looking to improve my health and training. I have been taking Purity’s Formulas every day, and the Ultra-Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil really support my heart and joint health. I also take Purity's Triple Greens® and Super Reds™ regularly to keep my endurance and energy levels high. I feel great!”

-- Ryan Bates

Xavier Montelongo Jr: Boxer Training for Olympics
  • National Silver Gloves Champion, 2006 & 2007
  • International Hispanic Champion, 2006
  • World Aleive Cup

"As a boxing coach, trainer and father I am always looking for products that will live up to their claim of supporting energy and endurance. I have been using Organic Super Reds & Omega Berry Super Formula™ and now my son is too, and let me tell you these products are great! Both my son and I enjoy the extra energy and stamina. My son, Xavier Jr., is a top amateur boxer and has been ranked #1 in four different weight classes from 2004-2007. He is currently ranked #2 in the world and trains hard, exercises and takes Super Reds regularly. His goal is to win the Olympic Gold Medal in boxing and we are determined to do our best to realize this dream."

"Hard Work Beats Talent, When Talent Does Not Work Hard!"

-- Xavier Montelongo Jr.

Barry Phelps: Elite Amateur Triathlete
  • 2013 4th place Age Group, ITU World Championships, Olympic distance (45-49)
  • 2013 6th place Age Group, ITU World Championships, Sprint distance (45-49)
  • 2014 10th place Ace Group, 70.3 Ironman World Championships (45-49)

“My success in triathlon has been built on consistency and commitment. Three phases of this commitment are training, recovery, and nutrition. Purity Products plays a crucial role to get the critical nutritional pieces in my diet. My days’ start early in order to get in the training I need before a full day in the IT world, the Purity products I take help me push my body and be able to recover to come back for more. The key Purity products I take are: Certified Organic Juice Cleanse, [THE BRACKET}, EverStrong, Vital Brilliance, Vital Maca, Ultra Pure Omega-3 and Pure Creatine. I can feel a substantial difference in my performance and the rest of the day when I’m taking these products vs when I’m not. Thank you Purity for putting together high quality products that make the difference"!

-- Barry Phelps

Cary "Smoke" Schuman: Professional Golfer
  • Professional Golfer
  • Former Guinness World Record Holder, Longest Drive (463 yards, 10 inches)

“I take Purity’s Perfect Multi Super Greens® and Ultra Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil which I now get as the Gold Pack with CoQ10™, because they give me the complete nutrition my body needs. I feel energized and stronger using the Perfect Multi. This year will be trying out for the Senior Tour.... Thanks Purity! I am also taking Purity's HA Joint formula™ for joint support and flexibility, which is crucial for adding the extra distance I need when competing professionally; and Amazing Oranges™ helps me with focus and energy. These are two vital elements to good scoring on a regular basis. Keep up the good work Purity!”

-- Cary “Smoke” Schuman

James Shaughnessy: Competitive Weight Lifter
  • 9 Time World Record Holder for the International Powerlifting Association
  • 198 lb. Weight Class: 725lbs. Squat, 485 lbs. Bench, 1730 lbs. Total
  • 220 lb. Weight Class: 750lbs. Squat, 550 lbs. Bench, 1830 lbs. Total

Competitive weight lifting is one of the world’s most grueling sports. And, as a 9-time world record holder for the International Powerlifting Association, strength, conditioning and my health are of the utmost importance to me. That’s why I rely on Purity Products. Their products help we stay healthy so I can compete at the highest levels. I take Ultra Pure Omega-3 Fish Oil to support my heart and joint health, Joint Formula Supreme for the wear and tear my joints endure on a daily basis, and Evoxin to help me maintain my energy levels in such a physically demanding sport. All this, and at 45 years of age, I look and feel great!

--James Shaughnessy

Gerry Lowe: Marathon Runner
  • Leading Marathoner in Age Group
  • Successfully Completed Multiple Marathons Sub 4 Hours

"I am a passionate runner. It's a big part of my life. Then my knee just wasn't feeling right in 2004, and it was affecting my life. All through 2005 I tried everything but couldn't run. I started HA in March in 2006... and in 2006 I ran 770 miles -- I felt great! I continue to train and run and prepare for the LA Marathon. Interestingly, I did not take HA Joint Formula™ for 3 weeks over the recent holidays and didn't run either, but when I started running again the knee problems returned. Well, after doubling dosage for 2 weeks with HA Joint Formula™, I can tell you after a 15 mile run that I'm BACK! I am ecstatic! This stuff works. Thank you."

-- Gerry Lowe

† Compensated Spokesperson